Warrant Officer

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  • Warrant Officer Duties

    dad was a senior Non-commissioned Officer, and growing up, I could remember the jokes about Officers and the other branches of the military. By the time I arrived at Fort Huachuca in 2009, I had been in the U.S. Army for almost ten years and never really had an opportunity to work with Warrant Officers. Sure, I had work with two Warrant Officers for about one month in 2003, and one Warrant Officer in my advanced Korean class in 2005, but that was the extent of my interactions with Warrant Officers. With my childhood and lack of experience working with Warrant Officers, I had lumped them in with Officers and believed a good Non-commissioned Officer could lead a Warrant Officer. However, I would over the next few years…

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  • Warrant Officer Roles

    With the evolving role of the aviation warrant officer, future development and mentorship is required for success beginning at the company level. As intermediate level technical and tactical experts, Warrant Officers perform the primary duties of technical leader, trainer, operator, manager, maintainer, sustainer, and advisor utilizing staff procedures to provide information to the appropriate level of command. Warrant Officers must discontinue any thoughts of inflexibility to perform outside…

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  • Special Forces Warrant Officer Essay

    integrity of the Special Forces Soldier. I have greatly enjoyed the time I have served as a Special Forces NonCommissioned Officer, and I look forward to the potential of serving as a Special Forces Warrant Officer. I want to be a Special Forces Warrant Officer to provide a larger contribution to the force, to be a leader, and to excel in my personal career. The Special Forces community is extremely reliant on the experience of senior Special Forces soldiers such as the Special Forces Warrant…

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  • Warrant Officer Interview

    currently the Senior Warrant Officer in the 16th Sustainment Brigade. I have personally interviewed SGT Williams and his supervisor on multiple occasions regarding his application for 919A Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer and 915A Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer. SGT Williams is technically and tactically proficient at his job in his current grade and shows great aptitude to become a Warrant Officer. His depth of knowledge on troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing…

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  • Warrant Officer Qualities

    As a Warrant Officer in the United States Army we serve a very unique purpose. When asked any Warrant Officer will quickly tell you they are “technical and tactical experts” in their particular field, be it aviation, transportation, maritime service or field specialization. ADRP 6-22 states that we serve our organizations by providing quality advice and solutions in equipment at the junior levels, moving to technical knowledge on higher echelon systems at the senior level. This does not mean,…

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  • Warrant Officer Case Study

    Army Pamphlet 600-3 defines the warrant officer as a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer, and advisor. Junior warrant officers are capable of employing their expertise at the appropriate levels on the battlefield, while being able to understand, convey, and execute the commander’s intent and build cohesive unit level teams (DA PAM 600-3). b. Often, we find senior warrant officers in leadership type roles and positions. The Army has changed to more decentralized…

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  • The Role Of Warrant Officers In Special Forces

    Warrant Officers within Special Forces are looked to for their high level of experience by commanders and Sergeants Major alike. More often than not, within our formation, warrant officers are viewed and employed by commanders and sergeants Major as part of the command team. Company and Battalion Warrant Officers should absolutely be part of the command team because they already are! Time spent as both a company and battalion operations warrant officers, in conjunction with the nominative…

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  • Warrant Officer Corps Reflective Essay

    Warrant Officer Corps is one of the most prestige technical career field in the United States Armed Forces. Warrant officers are highly skilled, military occupational specialty (MOS) officers. The selection into the Warrant Officer Corps is completed through an application process where only the best of the best are chosen. As a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Army, I (SFC Bivins) felt I was full qualified; therefore, I submitted an application and was accepted based on my…

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  • Warrant Officer Syllabus

    1. CW2 Fogarty, Brendan P. 2. SITREP 001 a. Fort Bragg, NC b. 211030LJAN17 c. 170900LJAN17 – 222359LJAN17 3. The initial week of the Warrant Officer Advance Course (WOAC) covered in processing, classes, reports, briefings by guest’s and students. 4. WOAC Class # 001-17 began day 1 by in-processing all the students, defining the expectations of the class and covering the training schedule and syllabus. Immediately the students were given initial due outs to set the tone of the course and lay…

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  • Warrant Officer Candidate School

    As I skimmed over the overview, I couldn’t understand why my uncle had pointed me to South Carolina. Sitting there slightly intrigued, I thought to myself, “was this a joke, or did he perhaps flip to the wrong page?” Then…it hit me. I had just graduated Warrant Officer Candidate School a few months earlier, and the next phase of training required for me to complete my transition from a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer to a Warrant Officer was the Warrant Officer Basic Course. For my…

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