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  • Everly Brothers Concert Report

    Every once in awhile, you get the opportunity to attend something special, emotional and lasting. Last week I attended the 19th Annual Music Master Awards/ Conference/Tribute Concert for The Everly Brothers. I will cherish and remember the conference but especially the concert forever. When I think about it today I have two distinct emotions, joy and a tear. At the conference we saw some very rare footage of The Everly Brothers, film clips from Germany and England not seen by my many until the conference. The Brothers are seen in their pure unblemished state, voices like angels. What a true treat we experienced at the conference.We got to spend an hour with Graham Nash. There were about 100 or so of us sitting in a room just listening and talking him. His love for the Everly Brothers is genuine, deep and wide. When he heard about the conference he called The Hall and said ' “ I have to be a part.” When asked why, he told a story about seeing the Brothers in England in the early sixties. After the concert, he and Allan Clarke waited outside their hotel until 2AM and approached Don and Phil. Much to their surprise, the brothers talked with and encouraged them. He said it was the moment that changed his life. He also said that performers, just like the rest of us, have their heroes. The Everly Brothers are his heroes and someone he wanted to sound like. The concert was held at the Playhouse Square 's State Theatre. Opened in 1921, this 3400 seat Italian Renaissance…

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  • Watership Down Analysis

    In the downs of a small farm, two rabbits are getting ready to flee their warren in an effort to escape the dangers of men come to kill them. Richard Adam’s Watership Down follows these two rabbits - named Hazel and Fiver - as they gather a following and make their way across the farmland to safety. The band of misfits looks to Hazel for guidance, and he leads them to their haven. A warren is established atop the hills where the rabbits are safe and sound. However, the need to keep the warren…

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  • The Devil And Tom Walker And The Crucible

    he also knows the sins he commits, no matter how big or small. Hinting towards a burnt out affair, Abigail tries to sweet talk Proctor. He coldly tells her that “…[he] might think her [her] softly from time to time. But [he] will cut of [his] hand before [he] ever [reaches] for [her] again” (1270). Knowing he is better than what he has done in the past, he refuses to allow history to repeat itself. He is ashamed of what he has done and tries to make it clear to Abigail that it is over, despite…

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  • The Crucible Tragic Hero Essay

    In ‘The Crucible’, John Proctor exhibits the qualities defined as those of a tragic hero; he struggles against society by remaining independent; he gives up his name and freedom for the greater good of Salem through his confession of adultery; and redeems himself through his discovery of his goodness, and his self- sacrifice. Miller defines a tragic hero in his essay, ‘Tragedy and the Common Man’, juxtaposing Aristotle’s views that only characters of nobility are appropriate; Miller describes a…

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  • Destructive Forces In Fiction And Reality In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    attacked by people’s spirits and pretending to see who is a witch and who is not. In reality, the girls were getting back at people who have before done them wrong or who they just dislike. The show that the girls put on causes mass chaos in Salem. Nobody in the town trusts anyone anymore, and everyone is suspicious of the people around them. Abigail even sticks a needle into her own stomach, saying that it was Elizabeth Proctor’s spirit that stabbed her. The day before, she sees Mary…

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  • Thematic Synthesis Essay: The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter

    Thematic Synthesis Paper The Crucible and the Scarlet Letter Different forms of punishments among Puritans served the dual purpose of inspiring individuals to repent and preserving certain social norm (ehow.com).This is shown in both “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller and “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne the unique ways for the guilty to suffer for example in the scarlet letter Hester Prynne had to wear a letter of her bosom forever and was used as an example of shame publically. And in…

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  • Examples Of Mob Violence In The Crucible

    their way. An obvious example is the way Abigail sets Elizabeth Proctor up to be hanged for witchcraft. Abigail truly hates Elizabeth for being married to John, who Abigail had an affair with. Accusing her of being a witch, while also knowing that Elizabeth never lies, would all but confirm that Elizabeth would be killed and John would be free to marry Abigail. Along the way of Abigail’s evil agenda, many of the other towns girls get caught up in it. As well as Abigail, they use their…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Andrew Carnegie

    As we all know, history is something that we can learn and grow from, basically because it is something we can use as an example to repeat or not to repeat so we do not make the same mistakes again. That is the best thing about history, because we can grow from the past in order to make for a better tomorrow, something I believe Andrew Carnegie did. Although Andrew Carnegie was a very controversial influence in this time period, there are always several sides to every story. Andrew Carnegie was…

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    Witch Trials and the Red Scare there were clear examples of the false accusations of innocent people. In a 2000 newspaper article, Arthur describes how these false accusation affected Americans who, according to the radical right, were considered to be traitors, “I have never been able to believe in the reality of these people being actual or putative traitors any more than I could be, yet others like them were being forced from teaching or jobs in government or large corporations.” (Miller).…

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  • The Seven Deadly Sins In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    Woman. (She turns to him.) I'll not have your suspicion any more. Elizabeth . (a little loftily). I have no— Proctor . I'll not have it!”. We can say that anger and pride get along in this part of the play, because Proctor is holding his pride with anger . Lastly, we have sloth or laziness. This sin is not related at all to the rest, and it was hard to find it in the play. But we have Marry Warren, committing sloth . She was named by the court, an official. She got herself out of working in…

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