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  • Jet Aircraft Impact On Society Essay

    The Effects of Jet Aircraft On Maritime Warfare A dawning of a new age in maritime warfare was brought upon the world when the jet aircraft entered the battlefield of the open seas. The development of a faster, deadlier, and more effective type of aircraft led to jet aircraft ruling the skies; Also many profound effects have stemmed off as reactors. Jet aircraft had effects on maritime warfare by the secondary technology advancements it caused, new strategy and tactics, and foreign policy of nations. The effects caused by the aircraft have forever changed maritime battlefields. Jet aircraft made tremendous impacts on the development of other technologies that had to be outfitted to exemplify the aircrafts capabilities. Major impacts on carriers directly corresponded to the innovation of jet aircraft. “The potential of high-performance jet aircraft could not be realized by navies until the aircraft carriers also benefited from new applications of technology.” (Lautenschlager, 1984, p. 49) . Jet aircraft needed a new style of aircraft carrier that wasn’t previously necessary for propeller aircraft. There were three new technological changes that came from this new need. First of all, carriers needed a new catapult system which ended up being a steam powered system that’s still used today. Next, the flight deck received an additional angled flight deck that allowed for safer landings at higher speeds, and the ability to launch and receive aircraft simultaneously. Finally, a…

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  • Hampton Battle Analysis

    The United States Navy has been involved in countless engagements since their creation in October of 1775. Throughout the Navy’s history, the importance of having advanced technology and superior leadership was their key to becoming a world power and staying that way. However, some battles see a greater emergence of new technology and leadership than others do. The Battle of Hampton Roads during the Civil War is one of the paramount battles that lead to the growth of the United States Navy, due…

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  • Examples Of Battleships Of WWI

    were many types of warships that played different roles in combat over water. There were dreadnought battleships, pre-dreadnought battleships, torpedo boats, destroyers, monitors, submarines, and cruisers. The types of primary ships evolved throughout the war. Dreadnought Battleships These types of battleships were named after the warship that the British introduced in WWI. They differed from previous battleships because they had a primary armament of guns and a light secondary armament to…

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  • Steam Engines During The American Civil War

    Since the first galleys sailed the Mediterranean Sea, the world has seen a continuous evolution in respect to naval innovation. The addition of the steam engine to naval warships changed how ships not only operated but also revolutionized how ships were designed. Ship armor could now be thicker and heavier due to the propulsion that a steam powered engine allowed. Guns were also allowed to grow in size with the increased mobility of naval warships and the need to penetrate thicker armor.…

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  • Old Ironside Summary

    saving a historical American warship by revealing the ship’s significance in American history during the early 1800s. The warship, named the USS Constitution, was significant because of its remarkable contributions in battle. For this reason, Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the poem using metaphors, symbols, and imagery to convey the ship’s importance to the American people, and to prevent its destruction by evoking strong feelings, such as a sense of patriotism and admiration from the readers. In…

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  • Arguments Against Modular Structure

    Modular Ship Designs within the resiliency context. Military benefits of modular fashion are detailed since naval forces can benefit in many aspects of modular structures. For 21th century, warships are expected to respond to changing conditions in operational environment. They must be resilient against a great deal of threats. Modularity allows for surprises during the service life of a warship. Modular ships have a great value for future maritime forces. The importance of modular ships is…

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  • Differences Between Carthage And Rome

    The land of commerce where trading prospered. The Carthage gained many trading colonies throughout the Northern African and Sicily. The Sicily locates just south of Italy and surround by water that make the ideal trading outpost to other cities. Although history showed a great wealth of the Carthage, Rome was at their heels. In 241 BC, Rome lost one sixth of population and majority of their treasury, yet able to pull enough money to build 200 warships that led to victory (Morey, 1901). Our…

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  • Laser Weapon Systems: Most Important Contributions Of The US Navy

    Laser Weapon Systems (LaWS) MIDN 3/C Sangrones, Joshua Jacksonville University Laser Weapon System In today’s standards, missiles and rockets are common when it comes to nations’ military warships. However, coinciding with the development of more advanced weapon systems, there are also advances in their counter measures. Such defense systems include the United States Navy’s Laser Weapon Systems (LaWS). Its creation allowed a more cost efficient and more effective way of countering enemy…

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  • Comparison Of The Boston Tea Party And The Boston Massacre

    During March, May, and June of 1774 the five Intolerable Acts were passed by the British parliament. The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre led to these new laws. The first act, Boston Port Act was passed on March 31, 1774. With this new law, the ports in Boston were closed. Once all the ruined tea was paid for the ports would open, but until then the ports stayed closed. Closing the ports caused more of an outrage among the colonies. To insure that no one traveled through the ports armed…

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  • Right To Hot Pursuit Essay

    Pursuit is permissible only by the warships or military aircraft or other vessels or aircraft clearly marked and identifiable as being on government service and authorized to that effect (Starke, 1994: p. 279). Right of hot pursuit only begins when the pursuing ship has satisfied itself that the ship pursued or one of its boats is within the limits of the territorial sea or as the case may be in the contiguous zone, or EEZ or on the continental shelf (Article 111 (1), 1982). Article 23 of the…

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