Warrant Officer Syllabus

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1. CW2 Fogarty, Brendan P.

2. SITREP 001
a. Fort Bragg, NC
b. 211030LJAN17
c. 170900LJAN17 – 222359LJAN17

3. The initial week of the Warrant Officer Advance Course (WOAC) covered in processing, classes, reports, briefings by guest’s and students.

4. WOAC Class # 001-17 began day 1 by in-processing all the students, defining the expectations of the class and covering the training schedule and syllabus. Immediately the students were given initial due outs to set the tone of the course and lay an academic foundation of the standard for written and oral reports.

The students conducted a mandatory Physical Assessment (PT) test. All students passed the requirement for entry and it allowed students to identify possible weakness in their prior

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