Assignment 1: Questions And Answers On Health Communication

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1. 1. Describe how the course helped you re-evaluate the interaction you discussed in Assignment #1?
a.What lectures and readings resonated with your own experiences, and helped you better understand what happened during the interaction?
I would say in part, all the lectures and readings from this course have resonated with my own experience, and have helped me better understand what happened during my interaction. The course material that made a major impact on my experience would have to be Lectures 2, 3, 4, and 5, although all the material did expand my knowledge on health communication and helped me better understand self-health. Some of these main topics within the lectures and readings include the medical model, defining communication,
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b.Explain how you can apply those lectures and readings to your experience.
The medical model mentions that physicians should talk to their patients to determine and breakdown the problem (Lecture 2). This would have been really helpful for me to gather more information about the seriousness of the procedure that I was about to undergo. Listing to my concerns about the appointment may have eased my stress levels. “Communication is the process of understand and sharing meaning (CAH p5). Applying this definition of communication to my experience, it is clear that there was a lack of communication between the dentist and I, she didn’t thoroughly explain the procedure to me, which made me really anxious. I was unaware of the time it would take to complete the root canal, the amount of needles that I was about to receive, or the recovery process I was supposed to follow after the procedure. The readings and lectures on stress, the impacts it has on health, and how we treat health is closely related to how I dealt with stress and how it
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As a physical educator and possible coach I might encounter different injuries where I am the first responder. This course has educated me with knowledge on how to cope with these stressful situations and communicate with patients/individuals as they may be undergoing stressful health issues. I can apply the knowledge gained in this course as I hope to provide a healthy and safe school based educator. As well as my career, I hope one day I am a mother and a wife, which means I will have to care and provide for them. Health is an important aspect of life, how we communicate with doctors or medical institutions affects the overall experience. Family based interventions are needed to support and motivate healthy behaviours throughout a lifespan. Lastly, how I perceive the seriousness of an illness is considerably important for my children’s sake. This course has provided me with many new insights to health care as I plan to build a family and educate students throughout my future it will be important to remember the major aspect of a good health care provider. Individuals encounter health care professionals daily, the benefits of good health communication is important to teach, that way the experience is successful each time. I am more knowledgeable about the issues associated

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