Ursula Burns

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  • Mulcay's Theory Of Bureaucracy

    Organizations in the twenty-first century are flattening hierarchies and empowering teams due to the need for constant innovation and technological advancements that change the ways people do things (Jones, 2012). In this case, Mulcahy was able to flatten Xerox’s management hierarchy and was able to streamline its operating units that consequently reduced the number of employees and cut on management and running costs by twenty-six percent. On the other hand, Mulcahy through the flattening of hierarchy was able to bring in Ursula Burns, who was able to devise a successful turnaround plan to save Xerox and consequently, all employees were committed to working together to contribute towards improved products and…

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  • Xerox Diversity

    in the United States (United States Census Bureau, 2015). In 2013 there were 75.5 million employed females in the labor force (United States Census Bureau, 2015). Xerox’s management was able to see that females in the workplace were beneficial to the company. They continued placing a strong emphasis on advancements within the corporation for minorities’ and females’ positions. Xerox created the Balanced Workforce Strategy or BWF. The team was aimed at representing unbiasedly for…

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  • Does Diversity Equal The Success Of Xerox?

    hiring minorities and also starts to hire females in their workforce. During the inflow of women in its workforce Xerox start to recognize women struggle balancing work and family commitments. In reaction to that situation, Xerox Human Resources initiated flextime, and other HR policies to continue a high level of productivity and satisfaction among its workforce. In 2007, the first African American female, Ursula Burns is named president of the Xerox Corporation (Schermerhorn, Osborne,…

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  • Ursula Burns Character Analysis

    a chief leader of the moment work harder to improve Xerox credibility. In this goal, Ursula Burns was part of a small group of executives who rescued Xerox from near bankruptcy in 2001, and began moving the company where she started to work away from its machine. Changing the company roots and transform the company into a different business entirely. Ursula Burns become a great leader. Ursula Burns grow up in a poor city Lower East Side of New York. Being a black lady and coming from a single…

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  • Xerox Diversity Case Study

    Xerox by providing them with different cultures where everyone is welcome despite their sexual orientation, race, sex or religion. Diversity is not look upon as a bad thing with Xerox, it is the driving force of their business and it keeps them up to date with fresh new ideas. For instance, Xerox hired women who were seen as home makes and not as skilled workers and provided them with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties, but also recognized that they needed to balance work and…

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  • Essay On Women In Diversity

    lead to more upper leadership positions (Green, 2014). Minorities due to race, ethnicity, or religion are also discriminated upon. Even in a century where we have an African American president, there is still racial bias in the workforce. Studies show that a hiring manager is more likely to hire someone with a white sounding name like “Jake” than someone with a name like “DeShawn.” According to thinkprogress.com, 1.2 percent of CEOs are black and 1.6 percent are Latino or Asian (Covert, 2014).…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of MRI Scans

    tattoos who have undergone MRI scans have experienced first and second degree burns along with other negative side effects. One patient even had to…

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  • Liebeck V. Mcdonald's Restaurants By Baum

    Baum, the author of the “American Court”, explains that any personal incident that produces a significant physical injury or costly property damage might seem likely to go to court, because a lot of people know that they have legal remedies for personal injuries. We see this occurring in The McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit also known as Liebeck v. McDonald Restaurants. Seventy-nine year old Stella Liebeck who suffered third degree burns over her inner tights and genital areas after she ordered and…

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  • Characters And Symbolism In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    what happened in the past. As a result of this, Maggie feels insecure about herself and is barely recognized or seen by anyone. Still and withdrawn, she 's hardly a presence even when she does manage to mumble a few sentences. She has been like this ever since the fire had burnt the house down. According to the Dictionary of Symbols, the symbol of 'fire ' in the story means purification and regeneration, as it means the old growth that is burned away makes way for the new growth to begin. It is…

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  • Plaintiff Log Case Study

    hide the beers they were drinking. Mrs. Ching saw ember from Michael’s camp fire spark near a tree and tried put out the fire by shoveling sand. While doing so, she accidentally shoveled Michael’s bag of fireworks into the fire. This caused an explosion which resulted in second degree burns to her face and chest. None of the men had suffered any injuries. The police and ambulance came to the park when Michael called 911. Mrs. Ching was taken to the Emergency room. She received treatment for her…

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