Does Diversity Equal The Success Of Xerox? Essay

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Does Diversity Equal the Success of Xerox?
Xerox is a Fortune 500 company with a reported annual revenue of $22 Billion. They are one of the most admired companies with the world’s largest technology and Service Company in the computer world which specializes in document management. Along with technology and service the company expresses diversity as equal success. According to Schermerhorn, Osborne, Uhl-Bien, and Hunt (2012), Anne Mulcahy, Xerox Chairman and former CEO states, “Diversity is about more than race and gender. It’s about more than numbers. It’s about inclusion. Diversity means creating an environment where all employees can grow to their fullest potential” (p. W-101). Employees with different ways of thinking and perceiving the world are able to create and innovative solutions here. Success was prominent even the first chairman of Xerox, Johnson C. Wilson had the commitment to diversifying (p. W-102). Diversity has the power to stimulate cultures of inclusion to help create a more equity and opportunity based environment for all. Therefore, for Xerox diversity is equal and can lead to the company’s success. As the authors describe in the history of Xerox according to the case study, In 1960 Joseph C. Wilson took preemptive phases to create a more diverse workplace in reaction to race riots in the United States. In addition, the number of African Americans hired increased in an effort to achieve equality among its workforce. Throughout the 1970’s Xerox…

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