Devin And Truffle-Personal Narrative

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Devin & Truffle Devin Jenkins was one of the few firefighters in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. He was always told that he should be a lumberjack due to his short stocky figure. Devin always rejected this idea, he believed that as long as he worked hard and never gave up he would achieve the impossible. He always went to work on time even though Peshtigo rarely had any fire that needed putting out. They just let most fires die out due to the lack of water. This caused him and his best friend, a dog named Truffle, to play a lot of training games. Devin would have Truffle run around fetching logs as fast as he can. Truffle wasn’t a normal dog, he was a huge dog; he was 5 feet bigger then Devin, when on four legs. Nobody knew how Devin was able to tame …show more content…
He started thinking of anyway he can fight this fire, he then came up with a genius idea. He knows that Truffle won’t have a problem handling the heat of the water, so why not have him store the water in his mouth, then spit it out onto the fire. While Truffle did that Devin would help the citizens of Peshtigo. He looked at his side for Truffle, but he wasn’t there; he asked all the other fire fighters, but no one cared about his dog at that moment. He started panicking, but he knew that won’t solve his problem. Devin believed that many people’s lives are worth more then his only friend, Truffle. He decided to go help the people instead of looking for …show more content…
He then started worrying about his dog when he heard a yell from a distance. He ran towards that voice and saw a group of people surrounding a body on the ground. He got closer to get a better look, but then he realized that it was his beloved friend, Truffle. His co-worker told him that he had many major burns in his mouth from the boiling water, and third degree burns on his body from the fire. He was also too fatigued to even breath. Devin started screaming and bawling on Truffle’s corpse, he had to be forced to go to the hospital for his own injuries. Truffle’s death was something Devin carried on his mind till the day of his own death, now they are remembered by everyone in

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