Essay On Women In Diversity

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Organizations lack diversity in there higher ranks of leadership. Women make up 24 of the 500 CEOs on the fortune 500 hundred companies. While most statistics state that women make up a substantial portion of the workforce and even middle management, they fail to reach the highest ranks of an organization.
There are several barriers which prevent women from moving into higher management. Some of this may be due to men who are intimidated by women and do not believe they should be in high ranking positions. This was a major issue in the first half of the twentieth century, but equality among the sexes has made this situation much better. Another barrier stopping women from moving into high ranks is child bearing. Some men are biased against women moving into positions of responsibility,
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Women make up 9 of its 32 executive officers. It has several programs to support minorities in the workplace and have worked to put minorities in its highest ranks. Pepsi Co. has a very diverse upper leadership. Women account for 10 of Pepsi Co. 29 executive officers. In fact, only 13 of Pepsi Co.’s 29 executives are white males (Our Leadership, n.d.). While 19 of Xerox’s 32 executives are white males (Xerox Corporate, n.d.). Number one on the Fortune 500 list is Walmart, which of its 43 executives, 12 are female. It is important to note, that 27 of those 43 are white males (Walmart Executive, n.d). ExxonMobil, number 2 on the fortune 500 list, has six top executives, all of which are white males (ExxonMobil, n.d.). Berkshire Hathaway is known for being one of worst companies for diversity and this shows with its leadership being comprised of all males, which 5 of the six are white (Leadership Team, n.d.). Apple is known for being one of the most innovative companies in the world. Which is why it is surprising that it only has 3 women in the ranks of its 15 executives, and almost all of its executives are white (Apple,

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