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  • Enzo Ferrari Influence

    Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, in 1898, into a family of businesspeople. His father owned a small metal engineering company. Enzo, and his brother Alfredo spent a lot of time at the race circuit with their father. Those experiences sparked Enzo’s interest of cars and engines. After having to leave school early, and leaving the Army, Enzo found work as a test and race car driver. He was involved in many races himself, and in 1937, created his first race car. That was the start of creating his…

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  • Performance Analysis Kodak

    Innovative Performance Overview of Eastman Kodak Kodak was founded in 1888 and it dates 128 years on its timeline. George Eastman, the company’s founder, who was a pioneer entrepreneur, had a lively and innovative mind, invented the roll film allowing photography to evolve into a hobby of the masses. For almost one century Kodak was known for its pioneering technology and revolutionary marketing as until the 1990s Kodak was ranked as one of the world’s five most valuable brands. Unfortunately,…

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  • MOSFET Case Study

    In 1959, metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) was invented by Dawon Kahng and Martin M. (John) Atalla at Bell Labs. Julius Edgar Lilienfeld had already patented the basic principle of this kind of transistor in 1925. But later the Bell Labs edition was allocated the name bipolar junction transistor, or merely junction transistor, and design of Lilienfeld came to be identified as field effect transistor. Later, Jean Hoerni found that Silicon dioxide (SiO2) should be used to…

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  • Morse Code Impact On Society

    u know that the first message of Morse code was sent to someone 40 miles away in May 1844, the message sent was "What hath God Wrought?” My name is Shae Phillips and today I will be telling you who, what, when, where and why Morse code was invented and how it changed the economy, society and what were the short and long term effects and how revolutionised the future. In 1838 Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse. Morse then further introduced a working telegraph in 1844 which allowed users on…

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  • The Mechanical Reaper

    The Mechanical Reaper Before the late 1830s, farming was a strenuous and time consuming task. The land had to be broken up with a plow and then seeded. The plow, pulled by oxen or horses, had a sharp blade that cut into the earth and turned over the soil. The farmer had to keep the blade of the plow in the ground and had to be careful not to hit any large rocks, stumps or roots. Next, a harrow, a large rake-like object with rows of teeth, was pulled over the soil to break up the lumps and…

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  • Samuel Morse Code: A Co-Inventor Of The Industrial Revolution

    Have you ever heard of Samuel Morse? If you have then you know that he was a co-inventor of Morse Code. Morse Code is a systematic way of transmitting information via code and it is sent either from light or from off and on tones. Samuel Morse is known for much more than Morse Code, however. He originally gained his reputation for being a portrait painter and by helping invent the single-wired telegraph. Because of what is being called the Industrial Revolution many new inventions like Morse Code…

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  • Unaccustomed Earth By Jhumpa Lahiri

    Week 4 Family and Friends Task 7 – Ten suppressed inventions Suppressed inventions are inventions that have been put an end to it by force. Wardenclyffe Tower is one of the suppressed inventions developed by Nikola Tesla. It could successfully send wireless electricity to any part of the world in abundance (Free Energy, n.d.). Although it has been suppressed because the funding for it was cut by J.P. Morgan, who also ostracized any further funding from any other organizations. Wardenclyffe tower…

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  • General Electric Company Environmental Analysis

    Introduction General Electric Company is currently an American International conglomerate. The enterprise was established in 1892 from the amalgamation of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company. General Electric Company offers many diversified services that also involve technology and manufacturing with a significant commitment towards the achievement of customer success and also global leadership in all its operations (Wilson, 2014). The paper will focus on…

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  • Quint Studer's Leadership Style Analysis

    bulb.” As described by Cokeley in (2012) an electric current flowed through a filament of carbonized thread and brought the world into light on New Year’s Eve 1879. It was Edison’s vision, and willingness to share that created dynamic change. Both Edison and Studer are exemplar they set raised bar, and have offered (Psalm119:105) light unto the path of many. His straightforward style is no less than genius is as it involves a flywheel, pillars, and organizational change. Studer is a skillful…

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  • Jurassic Park Chapter Summary

    Michael Crichton criticizes how science is moving at an incredible pace and the greed of some scientists. Dr. Allen Grant is one of the best scientist in the book he doesn’t dig up dinosaur bones for the money or the fame he is brave and has good common sense. The beginning of the book started with an accident covered by a Basic accident and moved on to bigger problems. The biotechnology revolution will change the face of the planet, Introduction page 1, There are two thousand laboratories in…

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