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  • Literary Influence Of Edgar Allen Poe By Jorge Luis Borges And Thomas Pynchon

    Analysing specific examples of literary influence is paramount to practically exemplify prior theoretical claims. The influence of Edgar Allen Poe upon Jorge Luis Borges, and subsequent influence of Borges upon Thomas Pynchon, will be assessed. These authors have been selected as they emanate from distinct cultural contexts, while their writings are separated by several decades. Firstly, Borges (1998, p.196) directly acknowledges Poe’s influence, noting, “Poe taught me how to use my imagination … I should be thankful to him for teaching me that writing could transcend personal experience - or rather, could be woven out of personal experience transmuted in some strange way.” Borges’ desire to “transcend personal experience” implies a quest…

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  • The Name Of The Rose And Pynchon's The Crying

    After strict moral standards established many years ago appeared to have failed, and science had proven that it could not prove the origin of the universe, a new philosophical and artistic expression moved in to fill the void of the Modernist Movement. The Postmodern Movement was born out of a lack of faith in society and the established way of life as a whole, and embraced the philosophy of meaninglessness and a rejection of the transcendental meta-narrative. This move has been fully expressed…

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  • Postmodernity In Oedipa's The Crying Of Lot 49

    television perceives the world in terms of image. Her actions fueled her desire to have the capacity to question and merge many aspects of the world together. Oedipa recognized that the world of The Crying of Lot 49 was fragmented. For example, she recognized in the novel that the world contained diverse groups of people that did not fit together. Some of these included: druggies, rock singers, lawyers, actors, Mafia, and the other century cultures. The novel clarifies that these groups weren’t…

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  • Bloom And Borges Sparknotes

    reconfigured, and code-scrambled antecedent texts”, signifying diverse enactments of influence, which repurpose narratives. Thus, notions of literary influence are intricate and varied. Nominally, texts can inform past, present, and future cultural iterations. However, Bloom, Borges, and Thompsons’ theories are predicated on the inevitability of literary influence, as well as the continuity it cultivates, implying cultural transmissions are partially facilitated by literary influence.…

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  • Common Themes And Symbols In Despair By Vladmir Nabokov

    “You two could be siblings!” Everyone has been told this at least once in their lifetime and more times than not, the two people who could be possible siblings look nothing alike. This was a frequent issue for Felix after he met Hermann Karlovich in the novel Despair by Vladmir Nabokov. Nabokov had a common theme in many of his works and a theme that is very prevalent in this novel- fake doubles. He creates a static and narcissistic protagonist, Hermann, that propels the plot forward and sets…

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  • Analysis Of Gravity's Rainbow By Pynchon

    Moreover, these two novels also refuse to grant readers the moment of revelation. While Oedipa remains trapped in the novel, Pynchon has nonetheless grown up. In the introduction to Slow Learners, Pynchon confesses that he has an impulse to do “some kind of a wall-to-wall rewrite” (S.L., 3). To some extent, the ending of Gravity’s Rainbow is a rewrite of the ending of Crying of Lot 49. Although the same proliferation of options happens again at the end of Gravity’s Rainbow, the endings of these…

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  • The Most Photographed Barn In America Analysis

    Research Note #2: “The Most Photographed Barn in America” Paragraph A: In this passage extracted from the novel White Noise, the author, Don Dellilo describes Jack and Murray’s visit to a tourist attraction known as the most photographed barn in America to exhibit the significance of perception in addition to humanity’s lack of awareness regarding reification. The first paragraph establishes the scene in a countryside with a “MOST PHOTOGRAPHED BARN IN AMERICA” sign, the presence of animals and…

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  • Don Delillo White Noise Analysis

    Introduction: Don DeLillo is an American writer born in 1936. Delillo is a postmodernist and written eleven books receiving various awards for his work. The title of DeLillo’s eighth novel, White Noise, brings many assumptions towards the overall meaning of the book. White noise is when there is a combination of sound waves together creating a constant buzz. The buzz can produce a relaxing or overwhelming feeling. Although, it depends if it refers to a repetitive noise one is trying to avoid or…

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  • An Analysis Of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick

    Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick has long suffered from popular misconceptions surrounding the novel. Despite its near universal acclaim as the “Great American novel,” the work still struggles to find its way into the curriculum of any academic level below that of college. While I concede that teaching Moby-Dick in the high-school classroom is problematic, it seems that bringing it into a community-college syllabus is a bit more feasible. Though community-college students may often present challenges…

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  • The Role Of Hitler In Don Delillo's White Noise

    White Noise, Don DeLillo’s so called “breakout” as well as noteworthy example of postmodern literature, pitches us through waves of seduction, intellectualism, humor, disaster, and the nature of human violence. The expiration of life accelerates the novel in its intended direction, of acceptance of the finite. Our narrator Jack, places power above everything, and in return is guaranteed protection from death. He duplicates Hitler from his desire of confidentiality from expiry, which in his…

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