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  • Analysis Of Flashpoint: Batman-Knight Of Vengeance

    The graphic comic is set in an alternative universe where instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed and Bruce, their child using the traumatic childhood event to become the Batman, it is Bruce who is shot. With Bruce being shot, it is his father who uses the loss of his son to become The Batman. Martha is so overwhelmed with the loss of her son, she becomes insane and ultimately becomes Batman 's archenemy, The Joker. The two coped with the loss of Bruce in different ways but they both reinvented themselves to handle the grief. In Alexander and Locke 's Article "Why Rhetoric?" they explains how writers uses rhetoric devices such as appeals, audience, purpose, kairos, and exigence to help get a point across in literature. In volume three of the Flashpoint: Batman- Knight of Vengeance, Azzarello creates a scene where…

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  • The Green Goblin: Peter Parker Or Spider Man Dead?

    Since Peter doesn’t have much money, he decides to make his own costume. My question is how Peter could possibly know how to make a spandex costume to fit him perfectly, and look awesome without any flaws? Just because he has super human powers doesn’t mean he can design and make a costume as perfect as his. I don’t think a lot of people take this into consideration. But if Peter had it made by a company of some sort, it would be fairly easy to trace and find who owns/ordered the costume. I…

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  • Third Man Critique

    fantastic. Overall this quality movie was quite entertaining. Screening: Stagecoach (1939): Directed by John Ford, this western film starred Claire Trevor and John Wayne. This great film revolved around nine travelers going on a stagecoach across the country. Every character was one of a kind in their own particular manners and contributed to the greatness of this film. This film was similar to The Breakfast Club in this regard. Character development was essential throughout this film as each…

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  • Stagecoach Film Analysis

    There is nothing more classical in film then the Western, and no one tackled the Western better than John Ford. Shawn Dwyer a classic movie expert states, “if there was ever a director-actor tandem that defined the Western genre, it was John Ford and John Wayne” (Dwyer 1). His film Stagecoach was the first of it’s kind in the film industry as being the first talking picture in the Western genre. The film included everything known to the classic Western, however, Ford wanted to question some…

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  • Smoke Signals Analysis

    Victor tells Thomas that white people always win; whether it was cowboys in their media or their family history from the past. Victor holds high respect for his culture, declaring things like “an Indian man ain’t nothing without his hair” or “you gotta look mean or people won’t respect you.” This is how they want to be perceived, giving an unconscious response to how they are treated. From the encounter on the bus to the car accident, the agency presents white males as insolent towards them;…

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  • Kanye West: A Theoretical Analysis

    After a three-year-old boy got inside the gorilla’s enclosure, zoo officials decided to kill Harambe, fearing for the boy’s life. The controversial decision and odd news story has become the internet’s latest obsession. Through memes like chanting “Dicks out for Harambe,” saying “Harambe died for our sins,” and putting Harambe as a write-in candidate in the US election, the internet’s collective obsession has effectively given the gorilla a new life. Furthermore, any unfortunate person that…

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  • Analysis Of Rap Lyrics By Anthony Elonis

    as evidence unless they include "a strong nexus" to the crime in question.” This is a great step in the right direction for protection of artists under the First Amendment and the justice system as a whole. Bob Marley wrote a famously known song called “I Shot the Sheriff,” but no one believed or presumed that he actually committed such a crime. If you were to take a jury that’s not accustom to such music and only presented his age, race, and social standing then only picked out the lyrics…

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  • The Great Train Robbery: Film Analysis

    or more characters must follow actions that align with their internal ideology often time being questioned in their code of ethics. Westerns, reborn out of financial crisis in a time where filming on location in the desert was more feasible for Hollywood studio. The most masculine men within these films is the one who is most reserved, maintaining their intellect in any given situation and best utilizes violence as a tool to solve their problems. Hollywood begin to churn out very formulaic…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Rap Lyrics

    “I didn 't have nothin ' going for me... school, home... until I found something I loved, which was music, and that changed everything” - Eminem “Thirty-three-years-old, still creating art. It 's rage, it 's creativity, it 's pain, it 's hurt, but it 's the opportunity to still have my voice get out there through music.” -Kanye west “I believe that music is another form of news. Music is another form of journalism to me so I have to cover all the areas with my album.” - Lil Wayne Eminem, Kanye…

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  • Soccer Personal Narrative

    Throughout my short life journey, soccer has been an enormous part of my life. I began playing soccer at a young age; this is the point in my life when I fell in love with the sport. As I grew older soccer became less of a hobby, and more of a lifestyle. Today, I am literate in the sport of soccer, because I have proficient skills, and a firm understanding of the game. I consider myself very soccer savvy, however the most important literacies I have acquired from soccer were the life skills of…

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