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  • Isambard's Accomplishments

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel is a well know English engineer from the later 1800’s and is more known for what he has done than who he is. Isambard’s father is Sir Marc Isambard Brunel and is a French civil engineer who at the time Isambard was born, he did work in block-making machinery. The ironic thing about Isambard is that he is an English engineer instead of a French engineer like his father. This creates multiple differences between father and son; one being that Marc is a civil engineer that…

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  • Samuel Morse's Use Of The Dots And Dashes In The Telegraphs

    Once he returned home he began drawing the plans for his electrical telegraph. His first model was composed of a wooden frame, which would hold an electromagnet, paper, and a marking pencil suspended from a pendulum. The pencil would mark on the paper as the electric circuit was opened and closed. What is now known today as Morse code is what Samuel Morse created when he used dots and dashes in his telegraph. To continue his experiments and research he needed financial support. Fortunately,…

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  • Invention Of The Telegraph Essay

    Invention of the Telegraph The telegraph is one of the inventions that started long distance communication. To begin with, Samuel Morse came up with the marvelous idea of this invention. However, he did have a competitor by the name of Charles Wheatstone. The original telegraph was developed in the 1830s. It was tested and updated through a number of years from when it was invented. It’s actually quite impressive how this whole system was developed. According to ‘Morse Code and the Telegraph’…

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  • How Did Benjamin Franklin Become An American

    Have you ever thought about electricity or how lucky we are to live in a free country? Have you ever thought about where we would be if Benjamin Franklin would not have written the constitution? Benjamin Franklin was one of many founding fathers of the United States; he has made some of many great inventions and helped shape the world. Electricity, without the invention of the lightning rod where would we be today. Benjamin Franklin changed the world of electricity in 1752 with the invention of…

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  • Maxwell And Faraday Research Paper

    Maxwell and Faraday- A Brief History of Electromagnetism The field of electromagnetism was established in 1819, twelve years before Maxwell was born. Hans Christian Oersted from Denmark was the first scientist who thought of the possibility that magnetism and electricity were related. He considered such a possibility because of the observations he made during an experiment. He Placed a wire above a compass and passed a current through the wire. He noticed that the needle of compass moved when…

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  • Matsushita Essay

    Introduction Philips Gerard Philips and Frederik (Gerard Philips’ father) started a small factory of light bulbs in 1892 in Eindhoven, Holland. The company focused on three areas i.e. Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, and Lighting. Around 1895, Anton joined Philips. Anton was Gerard’s brother. He was an excellent manager and a salesman. He was an engineer and had a big contribution in business ideas. Due to his involvement and ideas, in 1900, Philips soon began to expand and became the third…

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  • Sears Watch Company Case Study

    In 1886, Richard Sears was working as a train station agent in North Redwood, Minnesota. During his free time, he would sell odds and ends to locals in order to make extra cash. One day, he stumbled upon a jeweler who had received an incorrect shipment of watches and offered to buy them off him. Richard sold them, made profit, and ordered a new batch for resale. This is when Richard created Sears which at the time was called R.W. Sears Watch Company. R.W. Sears Watch Company began as a mail…

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  • Background Of The Morse Code

    After spending a couple of years in Europe travelling around, he decided to come back to America. While coming back to America from England on a boat in 1832, he met an inventor called Charles Thomas Jackson. They started discussing electromagnetism and how an electronic impulse could be carried along a wire for long distances. This gave Samuel Morse the idea of a telegraph. He started drawing sketches of a mechanical device that could improve…

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  • Lee Green Radio Research Paper

    Lee de Forest, also known as ‘Father of Radio Broadcasting’ and some of his peers were one of the first people to send a public radio broadcast, the broadcast was sent from the Eiffel Tower. The radio is the single best invention out of all the inventions our class discussed. Firstly, the radio gave us communication for when satisfactory moment happen or when dissatisfactory events happens. The radio saved countless lives when people were in life threatening situations. Secondly, the radio…

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  • Analysis Of The Gift By R. W. Thompson

    The Gift By R. W. Thompson 1. "Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Danny. One day he found a magic lamp that would give him anything he wanted. 2 As Steven Jacobs begins his story, the swings in the park come quickly to a stop. The merry-go-rounds stop twirling and the see-saws creak to a halt. The play area of the park becomes very quiet, for the children have come to sit under the giant maple tree and as the shadows grow, hear their daily stories from the blind storyteller of…

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