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  • Nikola Tesla's Alternating Future

    “We need to understand the universe, it’s virtually around us at all times.” - Nikola Tesla. The inventions that Nikola Tesla made were remarkable and changed the world in many ways across his lifetime. ("Nikola Tesla Biography.”) . The Alternating Current is the most recognizable of all his inventions, and is still widely used across the globe to this day. The Alternating Current can make electricity flow either direction, which is more useful than the Direct Current which flows in only 1…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell: Preventing The Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell was significant to the world because he created a faster and more efficient way of communication by inventing the telephone. Bell’s father, grandfather, and brother has all been associated with work on speech, and both his mother and wife were deaf, profoundly influencing Bell's life's work. At the age of twenty three, Alexander Graham Bell moved to Canada with his parents. His research on hearing and speech at Boston University further led him to experiences with…

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  • The Inventions Of Thomas Edison And Leonardo Da Vinci

    idea as well. For example, Thomas Alva Edison did not invent the light bulb, but he improved it. Despite the fact that he did not actually invent the light bulb, he still formulates various new ideas. Leonardo’s work is as extraordinary for it arrays the true originality in the field. Thomas Alva Edison or Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was one of America’s most acclaimed innovators of all time. His designs have contributed to…

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  • The Importance Of The Centennial Exhibition

    The Centennial Exhibition was an exhibition in Philadelphia of many inventions, including revolutionary ones like the telephone, the typewriter, the Corliss steam engine, the mechanical calculator, Popcorn, a piece of the statue of liberty, and the banana was brought to America. The Centennial Exhibition of 1876 was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United States of America. “The International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Products of the Soil and Mine, more simply…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh And Claude Monet Comparison

    Perhaps two of the most renowned artists ever to live were Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. These two artists, although said to be very different, have many similarities. They were born merely 13 years apart, putting them in the same time period. Although born and raised in the same time period the two artist lived similar lives growing up, but as they matured their lives changed and these different paths helped create the individual style of these painters. Both painters were introduced to…

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  • Fourth Of July Party Summary

    He’s been nominated for an Edison Award. STORY COMMENTS VIEW FROM THE PALISADES presents as an introspective character driven dramatic one-act play. The story centers on a troubled, married couple and the party they throw on the 4th of July. The guests, who attend the party…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired…

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  • The Telephone: The Invention Of The Telephone

    People have always needed to communicate with each other, and the invention of the telephone has changed the human life. Today we have a very advanced telephone but it all started 140 years ago with a simple microphone. Year 1876 Alexander G. Bell received his patent on the telephone. This was a revolutionary invention that awed the general public. Only three days after filing the patent Bell called his assistant Mr. Watson from a nearby room and said the famous first message on the telephone…

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  • Rl And Hyde Summary

    R.L. Stevenson Born in 1850, Robert Louis Stevenson grew up in Edinburgh where his father was a well-respected lighthouse engineer. Stevenson almost followed his father’s example, studying engineering at Edinburgh University, but at twenty-one decided to become a writer. His early works consist of essays and travel writing, his first book, An Inward Voyage (1878), describes a canoe trip to Belgium and France. Despite his success with this style of writing and having been a writer of fiction…

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  • Revolution Steam Engine

    rather several people who continue to make innovations and improvements upon the design. It may then be argued that inventions aren't created, but grown through the ages until it is perfected. Such is the case with Thomas Newcomen, who, through improvements upon the design made by Thomas Savery, led to one of the major catalysts of the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine. The collective development of the steam engine allowed for one of the major revolution in mankind history the progress of…

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