Third-party logistics

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  • The Role And Responsibilities Of A Tramp Agent In The Maritime Industry

    In the Maritime Industry, there are two types of shipping. Liner shipping and Tramp Shipping. In order to manage these two forms of shipping, a port agent or a port agency is designated person or agency held responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of its customers, at ports and harbours worldwide, on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers. Specifically, there are two types of port agents. Liner Agent and Tramp Agent. A roles and responsibilities of a…

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  • WU Vienna Case Study

    With about 23,000 students, WU Vienna is one of the largest and leading universities for business, economics, business law and social sciences in the European Nation (Vienna University of Economics and Business). As a result, this educational institution unifies human beings from various cultural, educational and social backgrounds. Therefore, being socially responsible must be one of WU Vienna’s major goals to fulfill its role as an accredited educational establishment. Consequently, as a…

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  • Congestion Management Case Study

    1.1 General This work deals with the important issue of transmission system congestion management with consideration of voltage stability as a load ability limit. Congestion is defined as a whenever the physical or operational constraints in a transmission network become active, the system is said to be in a state of congestion. The possible limits that may be hit in case of congestion are: line thermal limits, transformer emergency ratings, bus voltage limits, transient or…

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  • Market Orientation In Supply Chain Management

    The Supply chain is described as a network of different companies producing, handling or distributing product. The supply chain comprises all the stages to get goods and services from the supplier to the customer. Mentzer and Gundlach (2010) elaborate by stating that given the significance of supply chain activities to the firm as a whole, it stands to reason that the supply chain cannot be managed effectively in isolation. Supply Chain Management needs to be considered in nearly all elements of…

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  • E-Commerce And Logistics Case Study

    E-commerce and Logistics Introduction With the further promotion and application of e-commerce, logistics is becoming necessary. Logistics and the importance of e-commerce are more and more getting people‟s attention, but the relationship between e-commerce and logistics still needs to be explored. The purposes is to research the relationship between e-commerce and logistics in general and in our new hyperlocal startup FlashFetch. Literature The most popular strategy in logistics is to…

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  • The Importance And Value Of Operations Management In Achieving Business Objectives Case Study

    P5 :The importance and value of operations management in achieving business objectives. Operation management is the administration of business practices that involve to developing the utmost level of efficiency possible within an organization. The main purpose of operations management is to converting/processing labours and materials into goods and services as efficiently as possible and maximize the profits of an organization (, 2018). Importance and value of operations…

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  • Nishat Mills Case Study

    Abstract: Nishat Mills Limited (NML) is one of the largest textile multifaceted unit of Pakistan that is involved in the business of textile manufacturing and of spinning, combing, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing, stitching, buying, selling and otherwise dealing in yarn, linen, cloth and other goods and fabrics made from raw cotton, synthetic fiber and cloth, and to generate, accumulate, distribute and supply electricity. The market for clothing, home textile and accessories has always been…

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  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Case Study

    The production department, usually factory manager informs the purchase department about the requirements of materials. The information is passed through the purchase intent issued by factory manager to the purchase manager. In case of regular product like stationary and small purchase, the store in charge issues the purchase intend giving a copy to the factory manager item specification, required quantity, name of the manufacture, approximate costs etc. are mentioned in the purchase intend. The…

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  • Importance Of Road Safety

    The main purpose of transportation system in a country is to provide the efficient and safe movement of goods and passenger from one location to another. The economic development is strongly affected or influenced by the availability of transportation. The increasing number of vehicles on the road has created a major problem through traffic accidents due to the loss of lives and material. Moreover, in developing countries such as India traffic accidents rates are still quite high. Therefore, the…

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  • Domino's Supply Chain Case Study

    1.0 Executive Summary Supply Chain refers to the flow of products or services start from the point of origin from the supplier to end consumer (Investopedia, 2003). Supply chain management refers to the design and management of seamless, value added processes across organizational boundaries to meet the needs of end consumer. Supply chain management is very important for a company to success especially for those multinational companies as nowadays the supply chain emphasizes on building…

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