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  • The Negative Effects Of The Internet And Social Media

    exchange information with their friends and relatives, there are people that use this platform to hurt and disturb people’s emotions. In “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS,” This American Life Podcast. Ira Glass, a public radio personality, discusses a social problem that has to be related to trolls, which are defined as “The Internet troll hides behind his computer screen, and actively goes out of his way to cause trouble on the Internet.” (Moreau, Elise, 2016). In this American Life Podcast, Ira Glass says that, “I think we 're also used to all kinds of ugliness online in comments sections, in Twitter, and Facebook, and everywhere else. At this point, most of us don 't even give it a second thought.” (WBEZ, This American Life). People are used to the idea of being harassed on the internet that they tend to swallow all the hate and harm from people who write mean comments on their posts or statuses. The abuse coming from the internet has become one of the most terrifying problematic people have to face every day while going online. Most of the people being bothered by trolls commit suicide or they go insane by the amount of hate they receive from people they do not even talk or know. I have never experienced bullying or hate myself, but I have witnessed hate directed to my friend Gabriela. Trolls are people that go online leaving hateful comments about people’s insecurities and this time they hurt my friend Gabriela in a photo that she posted about…

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  • This American Life With Great Power Analysis

    "With great power comes great responsibility." Probably one of the most notorious line in the blockbuster movie, Spider-Man. In This American Life, "Episode 318: With Great Power" Ira Glass tells the story of his two friends who had this incredible power to change the life of people. The power to save someone from pain and suffering. Ira tells these stories through the different perspectives of Alex Kotlowitz and Shalom Auslander. In the beginning of this interview the story centered around…

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  • Three Miles In This American Life Course Analysis

    Born and raised by a single mother in East Los Angeles, my perception of going to college was narrow. In my community, college was viewed as an option as opposed to the next step in life. Most students who graduated from my high school either began working or started a family. College was not viewed as a necessity and instead, was seen as a privilege, or a luxury. Students from my area were not encouraged to go to college and in most cases, lacked the knowledge,financial, and emotional support…

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  • Personal Experience: Looking Back To My College Career

    college, I had incredibly high hopes for how I thought things were going to pan out during my college career. Socially, I thought I was going to make this huge group of amazing friends who would never leave my side, and they would be the truest friends that I could ever imagine meeting. While I do see some of my friendships going that way, some of the friends that I met at the beginning of the year turned out to be the kind of friends that I wasn’t interested in keeping. I also thought coming…

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  • The Breakdown Of Family In The Outsiders

    113 issue 9/10. Pg. 80-81. Co-Lin. February 23, 2017. Lang, George. “S.E. Hinton Recalls ‘The Outsiders’ 45 Years Later – E-book Due in Spring 2013.” NewsOKBlog May 10, 2012. Web. May 15, 2017. Malone, Michael. “Tough Puppies.” The Nation March 8, 1986. Pg. 276-280. Co-Lin. April 10, 2017. Smith, Dinitia. “An Outsider, Out of the Shadows.” New York Times September 7, 20005. Web. February 28, 2017. Tensley, Brandon. “The Enduring Fascination of S. E. Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders.’” PS Mag. April 26,…

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  • Primo Levi Survival In Auschwitz Analysis

    exist; the implications and utilizations of words like "great," "wickedness," "just," and "uncalled for" start to combine and the contrasts between these perfect inverses get to be distinctly indistinct. To make due in Auschwitz required a cleansing of one 's confidence and human respect. Introduction to ceaseless dehumanization definitely drives one to be dehumanized, constraining one to fall back on mental, physical, and social adjustment keeping in mind the end goal to hold one 's life and…

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  • Reflective Essay: Community And Community Connections

    The theme that stood out to me this week was that of community and community connections. In this commentary I will first I will talk about the hindrances that face teachers that are not native to small town communities. I will also address the problems of partnering with colleges and universities while being in a rural setting. Last I will address the idea of sharing personal histories helping student connect to each other through their similarities and differences. This week’s topic of…

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  • Fall Break Reflection

    This week was a little difficult not because of school because it is the week before fall break. Last year, did not have fall break due to basketball, but this year I did. (The week of September the twenty- sixth to October the second.) My mind was not on anything school this entire week, but I knew if I wanted my behavior to stick I would have to keep it up. The week was not that bad. All my teacher were taking notes and just getting ready for mid-terms after fall break. Thursday we had project…

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  • The Importance Of Nature In To Build A Fire By Jack London

    Just like how he had to build a fire for this wet feet. To survive he has to warm up before his feet froze. The man wished he had a trail mate so he would not have to be in such tragedies. But he did not have anyone but the dog. As he was trying to build another fire, he notice the dog all curled around warmly. He is slightly jealous of the dog for being able to keep warm. “The sight of the dog put a wild idea into his mind. He remembered the tale of the man, caught in blizzard, who killed a…

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  • Summary Of Maximum Ride: The Angle Experiment

    Ella’s mom asked Gently. It’s a . . . wing. My um, wing. Silence. It got hurt too. Her mom leaned over and examined it closely. Amazingly, she was trying to act casual, like, oh, okay, you have a wing. No biggie”. I thought this was a very important part of this book because it was the first time a normal human saw the wing like this. She told her to come with her to her work so she can get an x-ray Since she’s a vet. It switches back to Angel’s perspective. The white coats are talking about…

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