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  • A Perfect Day-Personal Narrative

    The anticipation was killing me. I had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever, and I was so glad it had finally come. I’d been talking about it all week, and I was starting to annoy people. However, I just couldn’t help it. I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest with all the happiness inside me. I’d been trying not to think about it because it made me anxious. Now that it was time, it was the only thing on my mind. The day started out great just like I’d hoped. The sun was shining a bright yellow, and there was a slight breeze. There were a few puffy white clouds and birds flew through the air, chirping a happy song. It was the perfect weather for a perfect day. I sat on a worn out, defluffed, maroon couch outside watching my younger sister work with the few customers at her garage sale. Occasionally, she would make me get up and help her with some random chore she needed to get done. I didn’t mind it though. It kept me busy until what I knew would make the day even more perfect. The time had finally come, ten minutes later than I’d expected, but it had come. I saw his cute blue ford truck coming down the road. A huge smile instantly came upon my face, and my eyes lit up. As the truck parked along the side of the house, I saw the face I’d been waiting for step out. He was wearing his usual solid…

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  • Perfect Day For Bananafish

    “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” and “Teddy”: Salinger’s Commentary on the American Society In J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories, featuring “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” and “Teddy”, he skillfully illustrates the societal struggles of materialism and worldliness, and its destructive impact on people’s personal lives. Through his complex characters, Salinger depicts how the American lifestyle erodes the core values of family, as shown in his portrayal of marriage, and the neglect of children.…

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  • Symbolism In A Perfect Day For Bananafish

    In “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” J.D. Salinger uses a conglomeration of symbols and motifs to represent Seymour and the materialism and greed of adults in society; Diction and a motif of different colors portray his feelings and emotions which may have led him to take his own life after the war. Seymour comes home from the war and can not merge into society. Salinger uses the bananafish to represent Seymour’s life; Seymour goes to war and the bananafish “swim into a banana hole” (Salinger).…

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  • Bananafish Analysis

    BananaFish represent many thing in JD’s salinger’s story perfect day for bananafish. Bananafish are a fictional animal whom live in the ocean. They go into holes full of bananas, and eat until they are full, but cannot get back out of the hole again and die. One thing the banana fish represent is the journey from childhood to adulthood. Seymour, the character who came up with the idea of banana fish, went to war, and suffers from PTSD or depression because he commits suicide at the end of the…

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  • Between Shades Of Gray Analysis

    special place in my heart because after I read this novel I wrote the one and only Ruta Sepetys a letter. To my surprise Ruta wrote me back. Ruta talked about how she also cried while writing the novel she told me that she was overwhelmed by both the brutality and the love of Lina and Andrius. Ruta thanked me for sharing my story and asked me to share this story with others and that is exactly what I have done. I have shared this novel with teachers, friends, grandparents, etc. The reactions…

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  • Adrea Grail Chapter Summaries

    girlfriends/wives are because they always worry whether they’ll come back or not. Though fishing is dangerous for then, if they’re successful, they make pretty decent money, which they spend on alcohol at the Crow’s Nest bar after they came back. The rest of the chapter talks about the lives of other fishermen and their stories if them in danger at sea. Also shows the crew getting stocked up on supplies like ice, food, bait ext. for the next month at Sea. 3 The crew says their goodbyes to their…

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  • Elements Of A Lesson Plan

    imperatives is: (You, both singular and plural) Stative verbs often have different meanings in the present continuous tense than they do in the simple present. Which of the following stative verbs carry this property? (taste) Simple Present * How does the conjugation of verbs differ between third person singular pronouns (he, she and it) and other pronouns (in both the affirmative and negative)? With affirmative sentences, these verbs add an s/es, while in the negative they use…

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  • Best Player-Personal Narrative

    It was a warm dry sunny day, in San Francisco where the CIncinnati Reds were taking the field for practise. There was someone named Billy. He was a very kind, thoughtful, and sweet person. He looked a little different than other people. He had a mental disability. Even though he had a mental disability he was the best player at the practise by far, and everybody knew. A couple hours later there was another player who came, his name was Josh. When Josh had arrived he overheard people saying that…

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  • Woolworths Oligopoly Vs Monopolistic Competition

    Introduction Competition in business can vary from one organization to another, depending upon individual preference and the nature of the industry. In economics, market structure denotes those firms who produce homogenous goods. On the market structure spectrum, an organization starts with perfect competition on one end and makes its way towards monopoly on the other extreme end. In the middle of these two contrasting market structure types, we have duopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic…

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  • Mary Poppins Research Paper

    1934, but based in the 1910s. It is about a magic nanny coming to help a family get close because the parents are too uptight and wrapped up with their own interests, and because of this, the children are unhappy. The film takes the point of view that parents, regardless of their professional and social issues, need to be close, loving, and supportive of their children. During the time the books took place, women were fighting for the right to vote. During the time the movie was made, women…

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