Third-party logistics

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  • Surrogacy Should Be Allowed

    Although commercial surrogacy is legal in some parts of the United States the cost in India is less than one third the cost of anywhere else. At a glance you would say that it looks like a great alternative because a poor surrogate can get very much needed money and the infertile couples get there long desired baby. Along with the country earning foreign currency…

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  • Characteristics Of Ethical Procurement

    most important role in the implementation of logistics operation. The provision of transportation services in the development of logistics operation ensures that goods and products move and provides a regional efficacy that helps in meeting the needs of the customers. It plays a connective role among the various approaches used in acquiring the utilization of useful goods from raw materials by the consumers. Transportation manifests its role in logistics operations through the creation of a…

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  • Case Study Of Benetton Group

    With outside partners we get fresh minds who have expertise in logistics services at a lower cost. We also won 't have to worry too much about distribution because we will have partners who will oversee that in their part of the region. Once they get an order of what products to produce they can quickly fill up that production…

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  • Logistical Subsystem Case Study

    In order to help with this transition, NYK Logistics hired Rick Pople (Maselli 1). Pople made the decision for NYK Logistics to use an active-tag RFID system rather than a bar code system that the company was originally considering. Pople believed that a bar code system would only help identify the containers and would not help locate…

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  • Plumpy Nut Case Study

    Analysis of Results: Efficient and viable supply-chain and distribution networks must have a proficient and reliable framework for moving products between different stage in their process. Each stage is formed from two parts. Lead time which is the time span required for each stage of the product-flow process to finish and the second part is called the component cost which is basically the cost related to each step. These two features of the supply-chain administration together, are also known…

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  • Apple Inc Supply Chain

    assembly plays in China using air freight while competitors used slower less responsive sea freight. By managing reverse logistics Apple is also able to lower costs as well as improve the customer service level. Apple gained a key advantage through its improved supply chain by directly controlling their supply chain, locating assembly and production in China, and improving key logistics. These competitive advantages have allowed Apple to grow net profits 650% from 2009 to 2013 compared to…

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  • Why Big Data Matters

    Manufacturing logistics is an increasingly complex process, and companies are incorporating big data analysis to manage operations throughout their enterprises. As engineers create more innovative technologies, it is helping firms track and efficiently allocate their vast new resources, and even though big data is fledgling, it is making a positive and powerful impact on daily business operations. Why Big Data Matters Big data is a making substantial impact that on the logistics industry. The…

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  • Logistics: The Pain-Points, And Practices In The Logistics Industry

    The logistics was at one moment alone used in military. It said that term logistics was first used in military need, just to supply itself as soldiers and material moved from their base to a leading position. Logistics involved the migration of, equipment, troops, food, and machinery to and from a combat zone to maintain the necessary supplies to battle efficiently in wars. Even present-day, army’s rely on getting the appropriate and sufficient supplies - logistics plays a life-and-death role in…

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  • Model Of IKEA

    IKEA had developed its own global distribution network. By utilizing control points in the distribution cycle and control waste, the firm is able to insure timely delivery of products to retail stores all over the world. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automated data collection technology. It uses radio frequency waves to transfer between a Reader and an RFID Tag. RFID is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or…

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  • Seaport Case Study

    The container ships will carry cargo from over hundreds of companies and the containers are loaded away from the port at individual company warehouses. A single container could also carry cargo for several customers, thus multiplying the number of parties and documents involved. The security of each transfer facility and the trustworthiness of each company are critical in the overall security of the shipment. Besides that, the most complex challenge for port security and law enforcement is the…

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