Third-party logistics

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  • Port Of Singapore Case Study

    Abstract: The Port of Singapore has a multi-pricing structure. The costs are arranged in three categories: port-calling costs, terminal-handling costs and concession pricing. Port-calling costs are the costs of all services offered to the vessel, ranging from access to quay or terminal, to pilotage, to the supply of water and bunkering, i.e. they encompass all ship-handling costs. Terminal-handling costs comprise costs for loading or unloading, storage, customs clearance, repacking and…

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  • Case Analysis Of Zar Fast Fashion

    facilities to support their global expansion. As a result, although it is aware of how to quickly supply 1,000 stores, they may not be able to supply more retail locations due to their “centralized logistic” model. Even though Zara has been successful at scaling up its distribution system, the centralized logistics system might eventually be subject to diseconomies of scale as Zara continues to open stores all around the world and ships product from its single Distribution Center in Europe.…

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  • Externalities In Shipping

    essential to focus on at least minimising the affect of externalities on the environment and on people. Therefore it is helping to develop the most economically yet environmentally and ethically correct balance that is imposible to reach as long as one party is willing to prosper above…

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  • Qr Supply Chain Management Case Study

    A corrective measure taken in this direction was the adoption of QR approaches to supply chain management, in order to react faster to market trends and to reduce the risk of the product being heavily overstocked or out-of-stock. Implementation of a QR based system would improve the performance of the supply chain and thus reflect positively on the division’s profits. This system is a combination of the ‘Just-in-Time’ system (JIT) and the latest Information Technology based systems to help the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Supply Chain Management In The Automotive Industry

    Many people treat supply chain management as being synonymous with logistics, which is the management of the flow of goods from the origin to the consumers (Lambert, 2008, p. 1). However, supply chain management encompasses much more than the purchasing or management of goods to the consumer. Supply chain management (SCM), as defined by Lambert (2008), is the “management of relationships across the supply chain, which includes a network of interconnected businesses involved in providing a…

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  • Trans-Shipment Container Management In The Port Of Piraeus Case Study

    growth key factor for the Greek economy. This brings the Port of Piraeus in a vital position for the country itself, but also for Europe and the surrounding area due to the geographical importance, which was explained above. The port of Piraeus is a logistic hub with great future growth potential that can contribute to the country’s national economic…

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  • The Travelling Salesman Problem: Vehicle Routing Problem

    One of the key functions in logistics systems is physical distribution, involving the flow of products from manufacturing plants or central depots through the transportation network to consumers. It is an expensive function, especially for the industries involving distribution. The Operational Research literature has addressed this problem by calling it as the vehicle routing problem (VRP). Vehicle scheduling or vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a combinatorial optimization and integer…

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  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Case Study

    1.1.1 The constituent elements of capacitated vehicle routing problem All kinds of the vehicle routing problem contain a series of essential elements, which primarily are depot, customers, goods, vehicles, routes and the constraints and objective functions proposed to resolve the problem. 1. Depot. Depot is usually the beginning point and terminal of every delivery route. In a specific vehicle routing problem, the number of depot can be one or more than one. The location of the depot can be…

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  • Mauryan Administration Case Study

    LONG QUESTION Q. Describe the mauryan administration system. Ans. The Mauryan administration system was efficient and monarchical. The king of the Mauryan government was the head of the Mauryan empire administration. The Mauryan Empire had the privileged of having successful administrators such as Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara Maurya and Ashoka the Great. The administration of Mauryan Empire was decentralized and the administrative powers were divided into convenient administrative units.…

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  • Salon Nayana Case Study

    Today “Salon Nayana” has become a familiar phrase all around Sri Lanka. The story of Nayana Karunaratne the founder and owner of Nayana Chain of Salons is a very exemplary role model for future entrepreneurs and leaders. At present Salon Nayana has spread its branches not only in Sri Lanka but also in India which is the second largest market in the world. Therefore Salon Nayana has become a leading company in the industry. She is the official beautician for Srilankan Airlines and is the founders…

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