Third-party logistics

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  • The Challenges And Advantages Of The Backflush Accounting System

    BACK-FLUSH ACCOUNTING Costing systems have been augmented to reflect the manufacturing philosophy that is based on the need to achieve competitive advantage. According to modern manufacturing philosophy, flexibility is important to provide the customers with their wants at an exact time whenever it is required so as to achieve competitive advantage. This defines Just-In-Time (JIT) system whose objective is to produce or procure products or components as to when it is needed. Backflush…

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  • Advantages And Cons Of The Error In Supply Chain Management

    of raw materials till they are supplied to the end users. Logistics: it is how we fulfill the needs of the consumers by managing the activities from where the good is created to the point it is used. • SCM is a broader term, as its aims are much bigger than logistics. Logistics require the activities of a single firm whereas SCM is work done by number of organizations in order to achieve their respected goals. • The aim of Logistics is to satisfy its consumers whereas SCM works to gain…

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  • Four Factors Of Perception Rail Transportation

    transportation in giving the trust to carry their cargo. In logistics service it can be defines as the consistency of travel time on a determined origin to destination for the possible repetitions…

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  • Supply Chain Management: Return Management And Reverse Logistics

    management(RM) and reverse logistics(RL) have been used interchangeably in literature. However, there exists a difference between the two terms. For the purpose of this thesis the following definition is used to describe reverse logistics: “Reverse Logistics is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value […] Reverse logistics is limited to the movement of goods or material “backward” through the supply chain” That is the reverse logistics…

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  • Fmcg Case Study

    Managing Demand Uncertainty to achieve Inventory Productivity in FMCG Supply Chain Background Over the recent years, FMCG industry has realized the significance of adaptation to various shoppers’ needs. Apart from quality, consumers demand variety, availability and freshness of products [1]. Meanwhile, they are highly price sensitive due, inter alia, to constraints on purchasing power, availability of substitute products on the market, promotional offers and competitive pricing strategies of…

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  • Supply Chain Management: Marketing, Integration With Operations Management

    Operations Management. Within this industry, I will provide background information research on the industry influences, pricing with respect to operations management, CRM systems, new products, forecasting, technology, and warrantee with reverse logistics. Marketing industry influences have a strong impact on retail, industrial, non-profit, and others. Many marketing services heavily involve the continuous…

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  • M & M's Queuing System

    Queue is a line of things or persons that is formed when the demand for a service or a product exceeds the supply Your waiting time depends upon the number of costumers in line or in the queue, the number of servers, and the service time of each costumer takes to be able to complete the service they want. There are different models in queuing system: Single Server Model is when there is one queue and a single server. Multiple-Server Model is when there is one waiting line and multiple servers…

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  • Case Study Of P & G's Total Order Management System

    1. Define acronyms CRP, EDI, OSB, ECR and explain. CRP - Continuous Replenishment system - the purpose of this system is to streamline the logistic system, reducing inventory, and improve overall ordering and service quality for the channel customers. EDI - Electronic data interchange - P&G system involves a lot of data transfers from their retailers to P&G on warehouse product shipments to each store. This system also paved a way to determine the quality of the products to be shipped. OBS -…

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  • My Duties And Responsibilities In Deployment

    Iraqi motorized infantry battalion. I supervised all organic and nonorganic logistical elements supporting the Iraqi Battalion, provides guidance and directives to HSC Commander and other logistic personnel. I worked with the Iraqi Brigade personnel and advisors to account for/maintain equipment, respond to all logistic suspense 's, conduct internal and external inspections, and ensure the unit had the required resources and equipment to complete its mission. What distinguished you…

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  • Apple Supply Chain Case Study

    For a high profile company like Apple, a flawed product would be extremely damaging for its reputation and therefore high quality products and extensive testing is a necessity. However, with high quality often comes high prices, and to keep their products affordable enough for their target market Apple has to watch the other companies and their supply chain, always ensuring they have the best deal. However, while keeping an eye on the product and where it is coming from, Apple must also ensure…

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