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  • Personal Narrative: New Types Of New Schools

    New schools are intimidating as it is right? Well for me it was more than just a new school, it was new types of people, new classrooms, and a new language. It is why I say that life can put you out of place sometimes I still remember the day I had to walk in to the classroom all by myself because my mom had already dropped me off in the main office. “Are you scared?” Was the first thing my mom has asked me before dropping me off. “No” I answered without thinking. At the time I was not lying about my answer. I later came to the conclusion that The only reason I replied that was because my mom was still present. So I walk in to this classroom full of 4th grade students who were sitting at their desks quietly reading their books. The teacher later on greets me and points me to my desk that had a name tag with my name written in cursive letters. After I sat down the teacher was talking to me, but the only problem was that I did not understand a word she was saying. After that she had found out I did not know how to speak…

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  • Personal Essay: New School New Me?

    new school new Me? I remember the first day that I moved to Troy, Missouri. I was six years old and had only about one month left in the first grade. It was my fourth school of the year… None if it was my fault, nor the fault of my family, moving just proved to be a large hassle. Deals that were “set in stone” by the original owners crumbled upon our fingertips. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, had I not already switched schools and had to go back to my hometown class. This time it was…

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  • Hardships: Experiencing A New School

    Hardships Every human that walks this Earth has experienced a hardship in one form or another. I experienced my biggest hardship in sixth grade when my family decided to move to a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas. Experiencing a new school and experiencing a completely different culture was the toughest challenge in my young life. I had to leave my hometown, friends, and family behind to explore a new place way down south. My new school was at least ten times bigger than Marshall and was much…

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  • Personal Narrative: A New School

    I hate moving. A new school every year. I have never been to a school more than two years. My Dad is in the army and I have been to a lot of different schools but I have never been to a school quite like this one. The new school that I will be going to seems really nice. They offer a lot of classes to take. I think that I will take shop and FCS (family consumer sciences). I think that I will really enjoy this school especially since I get to start my 7th grade here. I went and took a tour at…

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  • The Importance Of Moving To A New School

    into a different house, I always had an issue with new schools. I found myself uneasy when I walked into a classroom as a new student. Classes are supposed to be a welcoming institution of learning. Instead, a frigid room with twenty-five unfamiliar staring faces greeted me. My relocation from Massachusetts to Georgia was one that especially stood out. It was my most recent relocation and it took…

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  • New School Year Essay

    The month of September is different than the summer time. Most the youth use to come to the center to fill their time with entertainment and personal development. On September 9 the new School year supposed to start, unfortunately there are strikes, later they solved, But, East African Youth Program welcomed its student members back from their long summer break and wished them on good terms with this new school year. A lot of the youth are moving from middle to high school, and this means for…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving Into A New School

    Moving into a new town, new school, and new house - which was anything but easy for a sixth grader - we desperately wanted to fit in and settle in. My sister and I wanted ourselves known to everyone. Completing the first week in our new house, we went out to a walk to the park where we could see the neighborhood kids hanging out. Of course as sixth graders we were very reckless in observing people. Without anything in mind we walked up to a girl our age and introduced ourselves, the girl…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To A New School

    noisy school cafeteria was a lonely, miserable six year old girl ¬- me. While my classmates chattered about their plans for the weekend, I silently ate my pizza. I had no friends to talk to or make plans for the weekend with. I had just recently moved and was now attending a new elementary school. It was my third day of school and I was having a hard time adjusting. All of my teachers were kind and made me feel welcome. However, I missed my friends. I was not happy about moving to a new place…

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  • My New School Year Essay

    Every new school year is an opportunity to meet new people, grow myself as a person, and learn new things. Every new school year I discover more about myself and the big world. I appreciate the new teachers and the people that I meet. When we go to a new school, we often find out there are people who are different from us and that have opposite viewpoints. They are all unique in their own ways and so am I. When I was younger I found out that I am somewhat ambidextrous. I began playing baseball…

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  • Personal Narrative: Coming To A New School

    " You can be for the good, or you can be for the bad. Or you can be miserably in between." Coming to mideast was a difficult choice to make. When I realized that I could leave my homeschool and come learn a trade, I was sold. At first, I was skeptical about coming to a new school with new people and new experiences. I figured that I would come here and talk to only people I knew from my homeschool. I was wrong because I came and started making new friends the first day. Also, choosing what lab…

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