The New Superintendent

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  • Being A New Superintendent Essay

    Being a new superintendent can be extremely stressful will new a new job comes new responsibilities. It is important to start as soon as possible, meet with board members that hired you. Invite them individually in for coffee to talk and a getting to know you session. Learn a bit about what they would like to be keep informed of, how often, and how they would like to be contacted: email, text, phone calls. They should become familiar with board policies and meet with the entire board to find out what their exact expectations of the job include. A new superintendent should also become acquainted with their administrative team. As a group they should discuss expectations and roles of each person. The superintendent should also sit down with the board and the schools administration staff to discuss the schools vision,…

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  • Case Study: Applying The ISLLC Standards

    When the new superintendent demonstrated a collaborative leadership style by forming a Principal interview team that included both veteran and new teachers to choose the new principal, it well-received; therefore, as the new principal, following through with a similar collaborative style would likely be successful. In my perspective, the principal needs to develop a strategic plan that creates a shared vision and goals with a variety of stakeholders, provides professional development for the…

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  • Importance Of Written Communication Policy

    Why a Written Communication Policy? Communication is essential for any organization to be successful, especially in education (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). The flow of communication between the school superintendent, local school board, teachers, students, parents and community, must be transparent with written policies in place that are accessible (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). A school communications policy should be carefully written with…

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  • The Selection Process Analysis

    streamlined to include background and reference checks, demo lessons and interviews, which can sometimes lead to offering jobs on the spot. Once candidates are recruited, selected and have committed to working at a school the assignment or placement process begins. This process is considered the most complex, yet crucial to the hiring process in human resources. If done correctly assignment can help increase teacher support and thus increase retention rates. During placement it is essential to…

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  • Difference Between Principal And Superintendent

    Principal vs. Superintendent Principals and Superintendents are both administrative professionals within a school district setting. Both administrators are leaders and work closely together to assure the district mission and vision is being met. Superintendents and principals work together to write, review, and enforce policies and procedures throughout the district. Although both administrators work closely together, their roles within the district differ tremendously. The superintendent…

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  • Springfield Public Schools

    The News-Leader contacted several Springfield-area school districts with requests for comment. John Jungmann, the superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, said in a news release that the district will take the next few weeks to review the guidance to ensure its practices are in compliance with law. He said letters like the one sent Friday provide advance notice about potential legal issues that may in the future be enforced as a violation of law. Stephen Kleinsmith, the superintendent of…

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  • Cmr Training Report

    hours in 46 different countries providing air mobility to more than 3,115 passengers, 281 of which were VIPs and 167,611 pounds of cargo. From 09-11 JUN 2016 D Co., 1-214th AVN REGT successfully facilitated the execution of the 33rd Annual Monte Kali International Shooting Competition which hosted fellow service members and local shooting clubs from 13 partner Nations at the Wackerneheim Range Complex in Wiesbaden, Germany. Commander’s Assessment: This mission supports USAREUR LOE 1: Empowering…

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  • Can News Reporters Be Fully Clearly Trusted?

    21st century is known to be the start of new beginnings. It was that generation where machineries evolve the economics and social life of the human beings: from traveling to one place to another, a click of a button for communication, and to sending news to the residents of the world. But, as the year progress the mortals abused the capability of these machines. One of the problems is how they report news and how they edit stuff to create news and spread rumors. Can news reporters be fully…

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  • Media Literacy Project: Social Media And Its Impact On Journalism

    regards to today’s news. Social media has changed many aspects of journalism. Now, for the consumer, sharing news has become more important than searching for it. Based on who you follow or who you’re friends with will determine what kinds of information pops up on your timeline. Because of things like Twitter, where news is easily accessible with real-time updates, there is a demand for instant news stories that quickly inform. Newspapers cannot cater to the majority of the population because…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Social Networking

    Do you believe social networking can have a big effect on you or others? As of January 2014, there are 48% more Americans using social networking sites since 2008 (Pew Research Center). Social networking is one of the best things to happen in today’s society. The different sites that are made for social networking are being used by multiple individual’s years round, in many different ways. This topic has been a huge argument. Some may see social networking as a bad thing for our society but, I…

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