Importance Of Written Communication Policy

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Why a Written Communication Policy?
Communication is essential for any organization to be successful, especially in education (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). The flow of communication between the school superintendent, local school board, teachers, students, parents and community, must be transparent with written policies in place that are accessible (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). A school communications policy should be carefully written with direction on the purposes, plans and objectives how the school will communicate with each of the stakeholders (Moore, 2012). Moreover, the policy should reflect the culture of the school and the views of the local community along with creating a road map
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Each division or department may have a written policy to ensure accountability and direction for each individual to accomplish their mission as an organization. A well-organized school system will have a clear policy, such as a communication plan, in place to carry out its vision throughout a school and community (Moore, 2012). Schools that are involved in the community overall, will ensure each department, like English, arts, language, mathematics and physical education will have its own set of policies and directives that complement the written communication policy of the school district. In or modern area of increased obesity and diabetes rates among our youth, schools need to effectively communicate with the student body, parents and the local community the importance of health and recreation (Amis, 2012). The following is a communication plan for a physical education and athletic department of a school system revised and adapted from Chapter 4 in Bagin, D., Gallagher, D.R., & Moore, E.H. (2012), The School and Community …show more content…
The development of this plan should include the school board, superintendent, and administrators with faculty input as they are part of the overall strategy (Moore, 2012). Research has shown that the students perform at a high level of achievement with higher grade point averages and test scores on standardized testing when there is proper communication between school, home and community (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). Furthermore, with a strategic communication policy in place, students, parents, and faculty know what the expectations are for each of them in order to achieve to a higher academic level and develop character (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). Moreover, ensuring transparency and involvement may carry over to extracurricular activities and throughout the

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