Personal Narrative: New Types Of New Schools

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New schools are intimidating as it is right? Well for me it was more than just a new school, it was new types of people, new classrooms, and a new language. It is why I say that life can put you out of place sometimes I still remember the day I had to walk in to the classroom all by myself because my mom had already dropped me off in the main office. “Are you scared?” Was the first thing my mom has asked me before dropping me off. “No” I answered without thinking. At the time I was not lying about my answer. I later came to the conclusion that The only reason I replied that was because my mom was still present. So I walk in to this classroom full of 4th grade students who were sitting at their desks quietly reading their books. The teacher later on greets me and points me to my desk that had a name tag with my name written in cursive letters. After I sat down the teacher was talking to me, but the only problem was that I did not understand a word she was saying. After that she had found out I did not know how to speak …show more content…
My parents were in the same situation as well. My dad was a bit ,ore experienced only because he had been working in a mattress store for a while now. He still only knew few words in English, but when I was in to moving in to 6th grade I was a fluent English speaker. I started teaching my parents so that they would not have to go though what I did. My mom was the one that struggled the most and would usually get frustrated from me laughing at how she would pronounce some of the words I would try teaching her. As for my dad I was soon enough helping him answer the questions necessary to answer to become a U.S. Citizen. After about 3 months my dad and I would speak English at home so he could practice and became very fluent. My mom was still a bit harder to teach but would eventually learn as

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