Dolores Huert The Man Who Changed My Life

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In the first place, I knew certain information about Dolores Huerta while in high school and from what I could remember I found her interesting. After doing further research on her accomplishments and her fight for farmer workers conditions, I now respect her and admire her. Her unstoppable fight to better the working conditions of workers, the raise of pay and to stop the exploitation is commendable, the passion she puts in her activism is what makes me associate her to my father. My father was born 4th in 12 siblings in a very remote part of Mexico. My grandparents are indigenous Otomi people of Mexico, who only speak the dialect to the ethnic group in that particular part. For the most part, indigenous people from that location grow their …show more content…
He worked as a dishwasher in restaurants getting paid minimum wage with no benefits and no paid overtime. I would see less of him while growing up. But when I would see him, I saw how exhausted he was. He never once complain or gave up, he would look at us and it would give him strength in his believe that he made the right decision for us. At this time, I was struggling with English, I found the language to be extremely difficult more so than Spanish, which I was also learning at the same time. But I saw my father come home once with a huge Spanish-English dictionary, that to this day is in our family. Almost every day my father would come home and check his dictionary. He would tell me how he heard a word at work and wanted to know what it meant. That is how my father learned to speak English. As a result, I would study as hard as I could to be great in school to make my father’s dreams come …show more content…
It has been difficult getting jobs and when we do have a job it’s a constant fear of being discovered we are not here legally and be deported. I have worked in several jobs all in restaurants, were I have gotten paid $7 dollars an hour with no benefits and no overtime. Regrettably, jobs for illegal immigrants are hard to come by and we are unable to acquire a better replacement and so we are forced to stay there for years no matter the circumstances. Ultimately, it has been difficult to finish my career as a register nurse, due to the fact that universities are very expensive and being legally in this country is a must to work in a hospital. I struggled for years to make enough to pay one class in college and try to advance in my career. For this reason, my father blames himself, he only wanted us to have an opportunity to be something in this world and he can see we are unable to because we are here illegally. He has apologized to us for the decision to bring us here; unfortunately he sees how we struggle and can’t forgive himself. All things considering, President Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals was a miracle for our family. I was able to get a high paying job with benefits, get state tuition to go to school and to help my family financially. Now my father doesn’t have to work as much because I am able to pay most of the bills and live life without fear of

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