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  • Self-Driving Cars: A Whole New World: Article Analysis

    Bojarski, Mariusz, et al. "End To End Learning For Self-Driving Cars." (2016): arXiv. Web. 18 Oct. 2016. Computers now have the ability to have cameras that affect steering. With little training or human input cars are able to learn about their surroundings and navigate through. Cars are now able to figure out ways through more unique driving scenarios. Eventually most things humans require to drive, for example lane markings or speed limits can be removed for self-driving cars. With a more autonomous car there will be less driving errors and drive times will be reduced. I think I will use this as logos because if we replace all cars with self driving cars, then accidents rates should go down and you will be able to travel around faster due to more open roads. Cohen, Roy Alan. "Self-Driving Technology And Autonomous Vehicles: A Whole New World For Potential Product Liability Discussion." Defense Counsel Journal 82.3 (2015): 328-334. Business Source Premier. Web. 18 Oct. 2016. This article brings up the point that who is liable for these cars. Is it the driver or the company that made it? There are going to have to be state or federal laws regulating these cars. If a car does crash then the owner of the car might have to prove that there…

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  • New Cars Are Better Than Old Cars

    Is a New Car Safer Than an Old Car? If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how traumatic getting into an accident can be. With over 33,000 killed at the wheel, it’s reasonable for you to contemplate whether new cars are safer than old cars. Many people have asked this very question after seeing a new car crumble in an accident. New Cars Are Safer Than Old Cars To put it plainly, new cars are much safer than old cars. Car manufacturers are equipping new cars with safety features, including…

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  • Advantages Of Purchasing A New Car

    Purchasing New Cars come with a better Outcome Now of days, more and more car purchasers are being deceived by attempting of purchasing a used car online, off of the street or what we may call a private dealer. Their belief was that they would truly benefit from saving thousands of dollars for a used car without knowing the history of possible accidents and problems the car previously had. Previous damage in a car has major effects in the future if not taken care of correctly. There are…

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  • Personal Narrative-The New Car

    The New Car My dad pulled up to our house in his shiny new red car. It was a Pontiac GTO it was made in 06’. He said he was going take me and my sister for a ride. My dad was being scolded by my mom as my sister and I climbed in.The seats, red and black, their smell of the leather filled the car. My dad opened the door and had started the car in a heartbeat. The car roared to life. I was in the front seat my sister was in the back. We had taken off around the corner. My mom had told us We had…

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  • New Car Insurance Vs Old Cars Essay

    Do you ever wonder why different cars cost you different amounts for auto insurance premiums? Why is it that a new Corvette may cost you $1,600 dollars a month in auto insurance and an older Buick Regal may only cost you $90 per month? The new car insurance cost versus the old car insurance cost is a subject that you must review before you buy any car. Review insurance costs before you buy and you will not get caught in a financial trap. New cars cost more to insure than old cars for three…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hard Work

    Starting a new job can be stressful when one is not well instructed. A lot of things in workplace can be understood when we actually start working, however, we should be aware about the minimum basic things that might show up during our early work days. These things though might be simple but lack of experience may make it look unethical or unprofessional. In this scenario, as a senior worker it is also my responsibility to make my work area look professional, at least for the position that I…

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  • The Negative Effects On Technology And The Future Of Technology

    surrounding us. Twenty years from now, I’m certain that more and more new powerful technologies would be generated. Generally speaking, the speed of life would become faster than it is right now. We would be able to do more activities in less time. Even though, we are currently living in a world that is developing at a very high rate, but 20 years from now, we would be living in a more advanced life with a double or triple the current rate of the development. I think that technology would…

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  • Personal Narrative: New Golf Car

    It was a hot sunny summer day and I was enjoying the nice cool feel of my pool. I knew that later in the afternoon my friends Sierra and Ava would be coming over with their parents for our cookout. I could wait to eat my Dad’s smoked Brisket. As I was swimming I could smell the aroma in the air and it smelled like heaven. My dad came and told me that Ava was going to bring her brand new golf car for us to ride. I was so ecstatic because I had never been on a golf cart before. I was just a little…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hybrid-New Plug-In Cars

    Hybrid- New Plug-ins cars With the society becoming more environmentally cautious, it is not surprising that people are looking into more efficient ways to decrease air pollution from mobile emission. One way the society can decrease some of the environment pollutants on earth is decrease toxic emission from mobile sources. To this end, the government is in full support of initiatives to reduce air pollution by the car industry under the guidance of the EPA. These initiatives by all accounts…

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  • Personal Narrative: Who Doesn T Like Gifts

    feel warm. It’s September of 2006, my birth month. I pass by the kitchen eavesdropping on my mother talking on the phone about a huge birthday party that I knew was for me; however, I pretended not to know. I wanted to be excited. The day comes, and my loving mother knew exactly what I wanted, a Disney Pixar Cars themed party! My family and friends are spread across our yard and as typical, mothers are gossiping, fathers are drinking beer, and kids are running for their lives as they play…

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