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  • Successful Teamwork

    Teamwork is very important for the success of a company. The company and staff become more familiar with each other and learn how to work together. A successful teamwork allows them to complete tasks efficiently and quickly. I am the new member in this team, my position title is ‘Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing’. It is a front line management position. There are 12 team members, from different backgrounds and with differing levels of expertise. Some of them have worked for a couple years in the division and other are relatively new. Before transferred to my division, they some have worked in another department. I am wondering how to integrate new member onto an existing team? The senior managers of the organization have found out…

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  • Black Quarterback Syndrome Analysis

    While Tulgan shared best practices to becoming an effective boss. Which brings up, now that your the boss, you should not dwell on the why I was appointed. Therefore, Tulgan suggested, to explain how your going to be the boss and explain your expectations and hold the employees accountable for meeting the expectations. Unless faced with the dilemma like Shackleton, as described in Perkins (2012) book of Leading at the Edge, when Endurance shattered into pieces and he had to shift his expectation…

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  • Isl Leadership Reflection

    ISL Leadership Reflection What makes someone a leader? In my eyes, I define a leader as one who demonstrates and instructs others to improve the overall being of the community. By being a leader, one will mold new minds to increase the number of exceptional participants while continuing to participate themself. I have taken on this role at my workplace. In addition to this, by participating in the Gonzaga community, I could further develop my leadership qualities through the exemplary…

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  • Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

    Introduction Leadership is defined as ability to influence and motivate others so that they can work effectively and enthusiastically towards the achievements of group goals. Leaders help the group to achieve their objectives with maximum application of its capabilities. Effective leader is made, not born. Characteristics of an effective leader will evolve with time and commitment of an individual. Learning from mistakes and foreseeing the future prospects makes leader effective. 1.1 Literature…

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  • Situational Leadership Theory

    3. Concept- Situational leadership style Leadership has always been hotly debated with countless traditional and contemporary models postulated by countless discussions and research. The situational theory draws its main view from contingency thinking as developed by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey states that successful leaders rather than using one leadership style should adapt their styles in relation to the maturity of the people being led and the details of the task. In using this…

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  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

    What is leadership? There are several different definitions. The dictionary defines Leadership as ”Guidance; Direction” or “…The capacity or ability to lead and serve.” Many people think it is merely about taking charge, but it is a lot more than just that. Leaders use their skills to inspire change, and leadership skills are obtained through experience. Throughout my life, I had many opportunities to be a leader and serve my community. However, my most rewarding experiences have been in Boy…

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  • Brian Gallagher's Leadership Theories: Changing United Way

    United Way and put it on the track again. Firstly, he raised some questions about the mission of United Way: was it to raise funds or to have an impact on communities? And he answered it as: we are concerned about changing people's lives; fundraising is the strategy to do so. He knew the problem and acts according to this. In that behavior he first saw that his work is to serve other people and consequently, he has servant leadership theory. Then he put a plan to fix this and come back on the…

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  • Mary Poppins In The Workplace

    the fun and, snap! The job’s a game.” Even though Mary Poppins is a fictitious character, she makes a great point in leaders creating an environment in which their employees or ministry members can enjoy. It stands to reason the more enjoyable the workspace, the more enthusiastic everyone will be in reaching goals and achieving greatness. In light of this, leaders must know how to revel in the triumphs of their group, create an enjoyable (key word being joy) workplace for their employees, as…

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  • Transformational Servant Leadership

    Introduction to Leadership The behaviours of leaders will have a great impact on followers. Published in The Leadership Quarterly, Graham (1991) argued that an ideal leader, is one that is visionary, practical, inspirational and has moral. He also stated that a leader is someone that has a defined set of goals and knows how to achieve them whilst motivating others to advance toward the same goal for the benefit of the entire organisation. Leadership has been conceptualized in several ways,…

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  • Essay On Head Lifeguard

    1) How would you be a valuable Head lifeguard? Knowing that having the title of head lifeguard comes with additional responsibility and dedication on top of regular lifeguard duties, I believe that I am more than qualified not only with my skills as a regular lifeguard, but my ability to be a leader, communicate with others, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Not only would I utilize my strengths to be a responsible and dedicated head lifeguard, but I would also strive to set an example…

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