The Great Unknown

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  • Ignorance In Lord Of The Flies

    One can not defeat a “nothing”, but one can hunt and kill a “something”. In William Golding’s book, The Lord of the Flies, the boys believe that there are beasts on the island with them. The fear of those beasts, causes the boys to go on a wild goose chase which inevitably leads to their downfall. The consequences of the boys’ ignorance to their fear, results in the misfortune of others. Jack chooses evil over peace with everyone and power corrupts him. Golding uses beasts that the stranded boys want to hunt down, however, the only true beasts on the island are themselves. The smaller boys are afraid of things they see at night; instead of being blind to the great unknown, they give their fear a name and a face to put in their minds. Piggy…

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  • The Unknown: A Short Story

    Haamond Dovki let his sword become heavy in his hand as he swung it downwards, the blade slicing through his enemy. The Unknown, a mysterious enemy the Keddish people knew nothing about. They were their only enemy, and if there had ever been another, it was forgotten. The black shadow fell back, screaming it 's haunting cries as Haamond pushed it into full retreat. He and his foe clashed again, the Unknown 's shimmering weapon materializing to block Haamond 's sword blows. Haamond fought harder,…

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  • Bridge To Ignorance Essay

    Living is learning. From birth to death, people live their lives gaining knowledge whether consciously or not. A child learns how to speak and walk unconsciously; youth consciously learn different ways through life as long as they have the will to live. Adults learn from mistakes and the vastness of life they see ahead. Though knowledge is immense and can be obtained in all places, people with the fear of welcoming the unknown will always be limited in the knowledge they obtain. They may only…

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  • Analysis Of Five Chimneys By Olga Lengyel

    and mindlessly slaughtering them. Each chapter heading in the book follows a pattern. Every heading starts off with the chapter number in Roman numerals. Then a word or phrase that describes the events or the theme of each chapter follows. For example, “CHAPTER XIX – The Beasts of Auschwitz.” This chapter describes all the Nazi leaders of the concentration camp at Auschwitz and their roles within the camp. With the horrible moral behavior exhibited by these people, they could be considered…

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  • Personal Narrative: Adapting To Cuba

    called out for my little family of four to board our plane, a plane that would take us to the depths of a mysterious alien world. Or at least that’s what little six-year-old me thought when I left my home country of Cuba to come to the United States. That was a time of emotional turmoil for me, feeling the pain of leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. There was the excitement and fear of coming to a new unknown place, but there was also a feeling of dread at this vast language barrier…

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  • Summary Of Little Rock Homicide Investigations

    On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Little Rock Homicide Detectives were requested to respond to an officer involved shooting at 514 East 8th Street. Upon arrival, I made contact with Sergeant James Lesher and I was advised the elements of the scene. Sergeant Lesher stated that Officers were dispatched to a call of a disturbance that was at the residence of 514 E. 8th Street. Sergeant Lesher advised that he received information from patrol supervisors on scene that while Officer Dennis Hutchins and…

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  • Letting Be: One Of The Most Essential Skills Of Relational Practice In Nursing

    I find these factors hard to accept, as it is difficult to willingly accept the unknown and question everything we know to be the human experience. However, both of these factors push people to greatness and success. Before I could encourage her to trust in the unknown, I had to fully embrace it. I personally have a difficult time putting faith into the unknown; however I came to equilibrium and an acceptance with my mind and soul. As I moved forward I could help her move forward, for her the…

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  • A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Summary

    The couple stumbles across this unknown thing and hides it away in the chicken coup. I think that in our own lives we tend to exhibit this same action with the unknown. Instead of investigating and trying to make sense of it, we push it aside. The story leaves me to believe that maybe this angel had a reason to be there but was so mistreated he finally left. Maybe he was actually there to help the boy and that was why his fever broke the night he came into town. I found this story very…

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  • Juan Felipe's Poem 'Your Name Is X'

    This poem called “Your Name is X” by Juan Felipe is not an easy poem to understand all together but sentence by sentence I have some clue what he is trying to say. The first sentence would have many meanings such as the hands are trembling because his hands are so tired of physical labor he can 't control the trembling, or maybe it 's because of old age were his hands tremble just because of the age that he has. Reading the other sentences his hands might be trembling due to the fact that he is…

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  • Christmas With Grandfather Ruchira In Analysis

    they live, they constantly question if life would be different if that mistake never happened. Curiosity is especially evident in “Christmas with Grandfather” and “The Unknown Errors of Our Lives” by Chitra…

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