A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Summary

Response to A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a story about Pelayo and his wife Elisenda, who stumble upon an old man with wings in their courtyard after killing crabs in a rainstorm. The couple tells a neighbor who informs them that this man who is an angel was most likely there to take their sick child. The couple decides to put the angel in the chicken coup. Overnight the couple’s son fever breaks and they decide to let him go. When the two return the next day they find the community surrounding the angel in the courtyard declaring that the angel is a fake.
Father Gonzaga who I assume is a priest declares that the angel is a fake and promises to find the truth from the high courts of the church. Elisenda
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After reading the story the second time, I really separated the two sides of good and evil. From the beginning of the story I imagined the couple to be struggling in life. The couple had a young son who seems to be very sick. Throughout the story I felt that this family showed some care for the old man. After the first night the son shows signs of improving, the couple decides to let the angel free. In my opinion the couple only set him free because their son had improved and there was not a chance that the angle would take him. I thought it was interesting that the woman tells the couple that the angel is there to take their son away. In my opinion the angel was there to help the boy and that was why he broke his fever the next day. I was very shocked when the couple took advantage by exploiting the old man and charging admission to see him. This gave me one more reason to believe that the family was struggling and willing to do whatever to become wealthy. The family and the town’s people never make an attempt to talk to the old man and find out where he is from or what he is doing. The characters in the story make many assumptions about the old …show more content…
The couple stumbles across this unknown thing and hides it away in the chicken coup. I think that in our own lives we tend to exhibit this same action with the unknown. Instead of investigating and trying to make sense of it, we push it aside. The story leaves me to believe that maybe this angel had a reason to be there but was so mistreated he finally left. Maybe he was actually there to help the boy and that was why his fever broke the night he came into town. I found this story very interesting to read and found myself forming new ideas each time I read

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