Bridge To Ignorance Essay

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Living is learning. From birth to death, people live their lives gaining knowledge whether consciously or not. A child learns how to speak and walk unconsciously; youth consciously learn different ways through life as long as they have the will to live. Adults learn from mistakes and the vastness of life they see ahead. Though knowledge is immense and can be obtained in all places, people with the fear of welcoming the unknown will always be limited in the knowledge they obtain. They may only have a single story. Never getting lost is a bridge to ignorance.
Welcoming the unknown and experiencing it has a great influence on every human being. People might experience the unknown by departing from their homes for various reasons, but unconsciously
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The world we live in is interconnected just as politics are connected to every aspect of a person’s life. For a relatively stable and peaceful world, people holding power must have experienced getting lost to a significant extent. Experience gives people in power knowledge of how to deal with other countries or people maintaining a political balance at the same time benefiting themselves. For instance, the president of the United States, Obama spent a lot of time out of America while he was growing up. In a video ‘The Making of a Black President’ Obama said the experiences he had out of America gave him an understanding of races, ethnicity, religions and backgrounds of people. The experience made him look at the problems in America (specifically race) in a different way. In a published article by The Atlantic ‘My President was Black’ it is written: Obama himself was an activist and a community organizer. The writer proceeds writing: Obama’s solution relies on a goodwill that his own personal history tells him exists in the larger country. The experiences had a big impact on the decisions he made in and for the United States. He managed to maintain a certain stability among people. Possibly his leadership would have been different if he would not have gained the experience from other countries or continents. In this case getting lost is not a bridge to

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