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  • Political Corruption In Venice

    Although Smith recognized that guilds have the possibility to create political corruption in governments, this was not the case in Venice, as the Venetian government controlled the flow of commissions in the city: "Like virtually every other trade practiced in the city, the arts were protected and controlled by the state" (Brown 41). Since the government held control over the market, they would decide who would receive commissions to suit their own needs. For instance, one of the most frequent guilds to receive commissions in Venice was the Bellini family workshop. While many family workshops had broken up during the fifteenth century in Italy, they flourished in Venice. The head of the family, Jacopo Bellini, taught his two sons, Giovanni and Gentile, how to paint, and together they would execute commissions from the Venetian government, as "this period was admittedly more a commercial business than a vehicle for self-expression" (Brown 41).…

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  • Divorce In A Midsummer Night's Room

    symbol for mistreatment and abuse was not far-fetched for the printing shop workers struggling each day to survive while the masters live in comfort. The workers could not have openly spoken out against the bourgeois masters due to socioeconomic conditions in eighteenth century France. As previously mentioned, the masters provided the apprentices and journeymen with minimal work, food, and sleep. The workers were surviving, but barely. Additionally, the masters, as leaders of the powerful…

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  • The Importance Of TPPA Negotiations

    The Trade unions and the employees in New Zealand (NZ) have kept expressing their concerns over the secrecy of TPPA negotiations through various protests. On the 25th of March this year, thousands of people around NZ came out to protest against the government’s position over the TPPA. The secret nature of the TPPA was criticised. Moreover, the secrecy was considered as selling out NZ’s sovereignty to the globalization and profit-seeking corporations. Dr Jane Kelsey, a professor at the Auckland…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Labor Unions During The Glided Age

    Throughout history labor unions have been and are debated. The labor unions versus capitalism are a major subject matter that has separated our country into two separate political parties. Whether, unions are practical and mandatory for our economy, or just another conflict added to the list of problems our country already has. Although, the general opinion of part of today’s labor unions have become redundant and can eventually be risky, labor unions of the Glided Age were necessary.…

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  • Medieval Jester Research Paper

    Medieval Jester Research Paper Jesters are a unique part of medieval history. Shi Huangdi, the emperor who built the Great Wall of China, wanted to paint it. His jester, You Zhan, jokingly made fun of this idea, and convinced him not to follow through with the idea, saving China thousands of lives, money, and lots of paint. You Zhan was regarded as a national hero. A jester’s job was to entertain the king and his court, and is one of the most recognizable medieval characters. A jester’s daily…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Acting

    actors will be required not only to have a great talent for acting but also a great determination to succeed. They must memorize hundreds of lines and should have a good speaking voice. Also the ability to sing and dance is important for increasing the opportunities for the young actors. Almost all of the actors, even the biggest stars are required to audition for a part before they receive the role. While union membership may not always be required, many actors find it advantageous to belong to…

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  • Christian Writers Guild Self Assessment Sample

    Educational Background: In the past, I took a writing course through Christian Writers Guild. Currently, I am enrolled in their Writing for the Inspirational Market class. While employed by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a training and development firm, I certified as a trainer for the Interaction Management and Targeted Selection programs, which taught supervisors how to better manage and lead a team, and developed skills for hiring and promoting personnel respectively. I…

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  • Guilds In Ness By Jox Larsen: A Case Study Of Larsen

    Larsen was on one of his tiresome trips to meet with Orion, the Guildmaster Craft. Larsen never could understand how Orion got named Guildmaster. The man was as dumb as the wood his guild carved. Of course, Orion’s stupidity, while annoying, also provided Larsen with opportunities to enrich his guild at the expense of the Craftsmen. To make matters even better, as the two most important guilds in Ness—one that handled the goods, and the other that handled commerce—Larsen did a lot of business…

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  • Heschel's Analysis Of Prophets

    If one were to ask a practicing Christian what a prophet is, there is no doubt that most would be able to formulate some type of definition. However, many people’s thoughts on what a prophet is are often incomplete or even incorrect. While there are many places one could look to find an adequate definition of a prophet, Abraham Heschel provides an analysis of prophets unlike any other. Heschel’s analysis goes into great detail about what a prophet is, and what a prophet is not. After reading…

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  • The Revenant Film Analysis

    The Revenant is about facing the struggles of a new world and being able to endure the harsh cold winter while surviving unbelievable hardships. The movie is based on a true story and portrays how truly tough it was to survive in the vast uninhabited areas of North America in 1823. The directors and actors had a tough job of following the storyline while dealing with the elements and ensuring the action packed scenes where realistic. The Revenant is a superb and intense action seeking…

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