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  • Recapitulation: Opening The Door

    The recapitulation is begins at bar 156. Measure 156 to 170 is presents the same things from P in exposition. But at bar 168, the chord changed. The original one is G (V in c minor). But there, it goes to Ab, which is the V in Db. The bar 169 is the tonic in Db and the 170 goes to Bb, which is the V in Eb major. Than, measure 171 to 173 arise a new phrase in Eb major. At the end of the bar 173, it goes to the V of C major, because after that, it’s the transition part, which is start at I in C…

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  • Open Door Policy

    What is a sphere of influence? Pg. 504 A sphere of influence is a section of a country where one foreign nation enjoy special rights and powers. What is an Open Door policy? Pg. 505 An Open Door policy is a policy that allowed each foreign nation in China to trade freely in the other nations’ spheres of influence. What is the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty? Pg. 508 The Hay-Pauncefote Treaty gave the U.S. the exclusive right to build an proposed canal through Central America. What is a dollar diplomacy?…

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  • Bill Doors: A Fictional Narrative

    law enforcement came to him with another case. “Hello, Mr. Williams how’s your vacation?” asked Matthew. “I'm doing fine today.” he replied. “Sorry to interrupt your vacation, but we have a pretty exceptional case on our hands… His name is Bill Doors, you should be familiar with him.” “Yes, the owner of the Doorway Technology Inc., didn’t he get murdered recently?” Mr. Williams inquired. “Indeed he did, yesterday his yacht burnt down while he was riding to this very coast. He was killed…

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  • Lobbyism Pros And Cons

    People in society are the priorities. Our opinions and rights must be kept in order to fulfill America’s law of natural rights. It is vital to choose the appropriate and most compatible people to hold power in office within the United States government. There are several ways in which people can convince political leaders to enact legislations that would benefit them. One way in which society can go about doing so is through the act of lobbying. Lobbying is a popular method and that is still…

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  • The FITD Technique: The Foot In The Door

    The topic that I am analyzing is known as the foot in the door (FITD) technique. The FITD technique is defined as getting someone to agree to a small favor in hopes that the participant feels helped and/or cared for; the moment the initial favor is fulfilled, the person follows up by asking for an even bigger request. Two researchers in 1966 named Freedman & Fraser discovered the FITD technique. From their research, they concluded that it is one of the most effective compliance techniques. Also,…

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  • Through The Out Door Analysis

    In Through the Out Door: A Rebellion Against Societal Expectations As a teenager it seems an expectation that I venture through a phase of discontent and insubordination of my way to adulthood. It is anticipated that I will become a nuisance to my parents and other authority figures, predicted that I will develop an arrogant attitude and presumed that I will focus all of my built up aggression and other hormonally imbalanced emotions on spontaneous, destructive acts of rebellion, self-proclaimed…

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  • The Painted Door Analysis

    completely, and utterly alone, can be a crushing sensation. It can destroy a person from the inside out, and drive them completely mad. And if you couple that with being confined, you have a formula that can only conclude in disaster. In The Painted Door, through Ann, we see that when one feels neglected, trapped, and alone, it can drive a person to do things outside of their normal behavior. And if one gives into cravings, consequences that may not have been imagined could be brought to…

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  • Response To The Painted Door

    “The Painted Door” Journal Response I would never be okay with open marriages, simply because open marriage would not work for me. In such arrangement, I would not be able to keep a relationship nor be able to tolerate any other men sleeping with my wife; acknowledging the fact that I would also be able to sleep with other women. In my opinion, this would never be morally correct and to me this does not define the concept of marriage. If one choses to live in such ways then, why marry in the…

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  • Guarding The Golden Door

    Guarding the Golden Door: American Immigration Policy and Immigrants since 1882. New York: Hill and Wang, 2004. In chapter one of his book, Guarding the Golden Door, Roger Daniels writes, “It marked the moment when the golden doorway of admission to the United States began to narrow and initiated a thirty-nine-year period of successive exclusions…

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  • Sliding Doors Movie Analysis

    Sliding Doors (1998) explores the two distinct outcomes of the life of a woman who misses her train. Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow), the woman in question, is fired from her PR job for trivial reasons and goes to take the train back home. In one outcome, after missing her train, she walks back to the street, calls a cab, and goes home after a couple delays, to her boyfriend Gerry (John Lynch) who comforts her after her tough day. In the other, she catches her train, meets James (John Hannah) then…

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