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  • Ethical Implications Of Community Treatment Order

    Community Treatment Orders Community Treatment Order (CTO) as a form of mandated outpatient treatment is well established and exists in several jurisdictions in various forms all over the western world. Its concept and practice has generated considerable debate and scrutiny with polarizing views. It presents a case for treatment as a right versus as a choice, and begs the question of whether there can be a balance freedom or coercion for the consumer. In this paper I will provide an overview…

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  • Selfishness In The Painted Door

    followers by nature, are selfish and only concerned with their own self-preservation, and thus followers need leaders and government to maintain social order. An example of human selfishness in “The Painted Door” happens when Ann is alone to her thoughts. Ann has just gone back to painting the door after veiwing the storm outside her window, and Ann is considering her life with John and how John treats her. Although John treats Ann respectfully, and gives Ann everything that she could ask for,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Home

    I walked to the front door to look through the peep hole but, due to my five foot stature, all I could see was the top of my porch. I listened quietly through the door. I never answered the door when I was home alone, some habit I had gotten after being reminded by my mother a thousand times, and I had a system worked out with my friends that they would yell through the door if it was them. I waited patiently but I heard nothing but flies buzzing…

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  • Mas Ruf: A Fictional Narrative

    “Aahhhh”, a scream came from the upstairs. I quickly ran up the stairs. I heard two more on my way up. I swung the attic door wide open to see Dana stabbing Mas Ruf. In amazement, not knowing what to do or what was going on, watching her stab Rufus two more times I said, “Dana! What are you doing?” She started to scream, and then she vanished, everything but one of her arms which Mas Ruf was laying on. When she vanished, I went over to check the bloody body of Mas Ruf. He was still breathing…

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  • Walter Mitty Theme

    This short story has four main themes that are the contrast between a human beings hopes for life and its actuality. These themes are conveyed through the deflating disparity between Mitty’s heroic ability and in his five daydreams. In this short story Walter seems to be an excessive daydreamer. I think that he daydreams because he is so stressed out by his controlling wife. He uses his imagination to escape reality and express his emotions of anger and self-pity. Throughout the story, Walter…

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  • A Narrative Essay About The Benners

    Like everyone else growing up, I had many friends, most of which lived in my neighborhood. There was the girl next door who 's mom made the best dumplings, or the boys up the street who loved riding bikes and skateboards and playing x-box, or the kids on the adjacent street to mine who made homemade go-karts and tree forts. But these are only kids in my neighborhood, what about the adults? Across the street from me lived an older couple, “The Benners,” says a small metal sign in the front yard.…

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  • Summary Of Vivid's 'Puerto Rican Man'

    Vivid tells him, that’s what I mean, that Man made you give up your life to thrill his own. Vivid tells him to forgive himself, so he can have his life back that he stole. Phalli tells her, well’ I cannot bring my Mother back, nor tell her I am very sorry for what I did to her. Vivid tells him, no ' your granddaughter has already done that, five years ago, Doris made that woman happy. Phalli asks her how? Vivid tells him, she didn’t marry a “Puerto Rican Man” plus she wrote her story in a book…

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  • Essay On Open Door

    Open Door policy, initiated by the United States in 1899 for the protection of equal privileges among countries trading with China. The statement was issued in the form of letter sent by the U.S. Secretary of State John Hay. This was sent to countries such as France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia. There was an essential conflict in the policy. The U.S. brought about its Open Door Policy with the thought of avoiding the actual separation of China and taking financial leep, but…

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  • Recapitulation: Opening The Door

    The recapitulation is begins at bar 156. Measure 156 to 170 is presents the same things from P in exposition. But at bar 168, the chord changed. The original one is G (V in c minor). But there, it goes to Ab, which is the V in Db. The bar 169 is the tonic in Db and the 170 goes to Bb, which is the V in Eb major. Than, measure 171 to 173 arise a new phrase in Eb major. At the end of the bar 173, it goes to the V of C major, because after that, it’s the transition part, which is start at I in C…

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  • Garage Door Research Paper

    The Lifespan of your Garage Door and Opener The question of how long a garage door will last depends on the type of door you have in place and the level of usage. The type of garage door is defined by its quality, type of construction material and the product model. It is estimated that a garage door that is well-maintained can last over 10 years. Other estimates indicate that a good garage door can last between 25 to 30 year, if it is not backed against a car or any hard obstacle that could…

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