Territorial waters

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  • The Cove Documentary

    Introduction – Multimodal texts often represent a changing world and invites debate or discussion. This is true within the documentary, ‘The Cove’, directed by Louie Psihoyos, which initiated a discussion and debate towards the issue of whaling. ‘The Cove’ follows an activist, Ric O’ Barry, who joins forces with Psihoyos and the ‘Ocean Preservation Society’ to expose the brutal cetacean hunting methods and commercial whaling within Taiji, Japan. The crew exposed the horrific treatment and…

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  • Boyle's Law Lab Report

    V, the volume have a relationship. Their kind of relationship is V=f(P) relationship and it is believed that PV go together to remain constant. A water manometer is an instrument used to measure pressure. The model of kinetic theory of gases helps elaborate one of the most difficult…

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  • Comparing Natural And Synthetic Medicines In Relieving Common Cold

    Topic Outline Comparative Study between Synthetic Medicines and Natural Medicines in Relieving Common Cold THESIS: Natural medicines are more reliable in relieving common cold than synthetic medicines because, unlike synthetic medicines, they have less or even no side effects to one’s body and they also boost the immune system rather than suppressing the symptoms. INTRODUCTION I. Common Cold A. Definition B. Cause C. Symptoms II. Relievers A. Synthetic medicines B. Natural medicines III. Natural…

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  • Hydraulic Fracturing

    often has been improved by natural fractures or induced hydraulic fractures. Hydraulic fracturing creates highly conductive pathways for hydrocarbons from the reservoir into the wellbore. At high pressure, fracturing fluid which includes of proppant, water, and chemicals is pumped downhole to the wellbore. Once the pressure exceeds the fracture initiation pressure, the fluid begins to break the rock and the fracture forms and propagates perpendicular to the direction of the minimum stress. After…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Coral Reef Diving

    respectful attitudes for coral-friendly diving. DON’TS: Don’t touch any of the corals. Don’t let your body come into contact with corals. Don’t let your diving equipment hang loose. Secure all equipment so nothing bumps into the corals. Don’t pollute the water with anything. Don’t break of or take any pieces of the corals. BECOME AN IDEAL CORAL REEF DIVER It doesn’t require a great deal of effort to become a sensitive and technically sound coral reef diver. Possessing the willingness and…

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  • Summary: Skin Test Technique

    tests are usually performed on the inner forearm. Any number of allergens can be tested, as few as 3 or 4 or up to about 25 allergens. The tested allergens in our study were sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. • The arm is cleaned with soap and water or alcohol • The forearm is coded with a skin marker pen corresponding to the number of allergens being tested. Marks should be at least 2cm apart. • A drop of allergen solution is placed beside each mark A small prick through the drop is…

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  • How Does Ocean Water Affect Marine Life

    coast of South Africa is characterised by the relatively cold, slow-moving Benguela Current. The marine life along the west coast is adapted to colder temperatures. The waters of the west coast are nutrient-rich and support a large abundance of fish. The west coast is also characterised by upwelling, which brings nutrient-rich waters from deeper ocean layers to the ocean surface. This drives higher productivity in the marine life but may also result in harmful algal blooms occurring. The east…

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  • Case Study Of Ralphs Ranch

    creek and wrecking the natural vegetation, we are going to fence of creek access from paddocks 6 & 7. We are also going to revegetate parts of the creek as trees aerate the water and reduce the severity of erosion on the banks of the creek. To get the water to the troughs we are laying pipes underneath the ground. The water will come from the closest dam or creek and will be recirculated. Our farm has a north-westerly blowing wind meaning it is flowing in the direction of our pastures. To…

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  • Copper Sulfate Lab

    Title: Separations of a Mixture Notes: - H¬2O, Copper Sulfate, Starch - H2O (water)- liquid, solvent, boiling point: 100 C, freezing point: 0 C. - Copper Sulfate- solid, soluble, forms an aqueous solution, is a salt. - Starch- solid, macromolecule (long chain sugar), not very soluble in water at low temperatures. - When H2O, Copper Sulfate, and starch are mixed together, it forms a heterogeneous mixture. - Aqueous solution of copper sulfate with a suspension of starch. Research Question: What…

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  • Arsenic In Drinking Water

    Analysis: Public Health Implications Arsenic in drinking water is a world wide environmental public health threat. Anyone who drinks water contaminated with high amounts of arsenic can be effected by it, but developing countries are the ones who seem to suffer the most from arsenic poisoning. The united states and the World Health Organization (WHO) applied a strict standard for arsenic in drinking water to be at or below 0.01 mg/1 or 10 parts per billion, but unfortunately not all countries…

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