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Would you believe that in most first time cases of home roofing repair, the leak is actually made worse? Or worse yet, in a good many cases, the attempt to repair one leak only leads to the creation of even more leaks? So read on and learn a few tips from the pros, on how you can get it right the first time.

Water Can Travel Under a Roof Leak

The very first thing you have to do if you have water dripping down through your ceiling, is determine where the leak is coming from. You see once water penetrates the shingles, it can travel. There's felt paper under the shingles and 4 x 8 sheets of plywood under the felt paper, so the water can come into the home up to 10 feet from the actual leak.

Searching Out the Source of Your Problem

So climb up on your roof, start from where the leak is coming down into your home and then look up the roof from there. If there
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Now if you're the average novice, your first response will be to head out to the hardware store and pick up a big tub of black roofing repair plastic. Then you're going to climb up on the roof and liberally smear it around. Then just as soon as it rains, you'll find that your leak has gotten even worse.

The Best Home Roofing Repair for Worn Shingles

The best fix for a worn shingle roof, is tin shingles. These are basically shingle sized pieces of tin that you simply slide under existing shingles in problem areas. Don't nail them either. Just dab a little roofing plastic onto the back of each one, such that it will glue the tin shingle in place. Buy some sheet metal and cut them yourself.

Use Your Roofing Repair Plastic Very Sparingly

To patch around air conditioning mounting brackets or flashings that are causing leaks, use your home roofing repair plastic very sparingly. The last thing you want is a crudded up mess, if you have to get up there and touch it up next season. Also consider picking up some roofing fiberglas fabric to embed in it.

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