Technological singularity

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  • Space And Place Identity

    Space and place are important facets of our identity and who we are. It is sometimes said that places have a way of claiming people, or that a place grows on you. This means that not only are we getting used to a place but also that we are developing a strong relationship with that place and that it is becoming a part of who we are-our identity. Place identity is the foundation of a person’s self-identity, and consists of knowledge and feelings developed through everyday experiences of physical…

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  • Business Case Study For Marketing Planning For KC Airport

    chemicals or sand for winter use, and within the air cargo business. Differentiation strategy involves making a singular image of the organization’s product or service so customers could also be charged for that singularity. Firms that use this strategy stress prime quality, image, or technological leadership, in additional to another possibilities. “Milwaukee International airfield has long stressed its airfield as another to Chicago’s O’Hare International airfield, whereas many general…

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