Case Analysis Of Takata

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What is a distinctive competency? A distinctive competency is a quality or trait that is exclusive to a business organization. It could also be a competency better in certain aspect(s) than the competencies of other organizations, consequently enabling the formulation of a unique value proposition in the function of the business. A distinctive competency is fundamental to producing an unassailable competitive advantage. The singularity tells this competency apart from all others, regardless of its nature as a core competency or simply a competency. As a company of many firsts, Takata is clearly a pioneer in many of its products in this industry. This is definitely the distinctive competency of Takata. Having first-mover advantage has allowed …show more content…
Its airbags are reportedly high-performance and meet or exceed the legal regulations of countries around the world and the stringent requirements of the automakers. However, their airbags have been the major contributor to its decline. Cases of airbag failure have plastered the world news and is a source of bad publicity for the company. Due to this, many car makers who installed Takata’s airbags have had to recall their cars to change the faulty and possibly fatal airbags. In 1976, Takata became the first company in Japan to begin R&D related to airbags. In 1987, Takata began to supply airbags to the rest of the world. While Takata may be one of the few manufacturers of airbags with fully integrated development, design, and manufacturing capabilities for airbag systems, its airbag segment may have seen better days. It is difficult for Takata to make a comeback after the whole airbag fiasco. Nevertheless, Takata’s R&D in airbags have produced a technology for sensing collision impact severity and performing all functions successfully to inflate the airbag within .005 seconds. To do this, they must have high-precision technology that ensures systems perform operations in time intervals of milliseconds (.0001 seconds). All in all, Takata has pioneered the airbag industry with its creation of new

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