Technological singularity

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  • Controversial Relationship Between Theodore And Samantha In Spike Jonze's Film Her

    It seems to me those who advocating singularity is actually playing up the omnipotent potential of human being; a behavior reminds me of “Playing God." Singularity does provide a seemingly dazzling and infinite future of human being, but the truth is that human knows it better than any other creature that nature state of life is struggling due to limited…

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  • Transhumanist Subculture

    Subcultures and Social Trends: The Transhumanists – The Singularity and Modern Cyborgs It is estimated that somewhere around the year 2045, a technological singularity will occur- the point at which artificial intelligence outstrips human capacity; only it’s not quite the story as James Cameron portrayed it in his groundbreaking movie *The Terminator*. Rather, it would seem the singularity is closer to The Borg from the Star Trek Next…

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  • Social Media Privacy

    In today’s society, technology is increasingly present and with that more and more people have access to information. It takes only a few seconds for someone to search a question on google or open up a news app and read up on current events. One of the main themes conveyed in both Jenkins and Smith’s work is access. Today’s more readily available access to technology allows a greater part of society to keep up with the world. Social media is just another aspect of access we have with today’s…

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  • Technological Change Research Paper

    application of new equipment, ideas, techniques, and knowledge to perform tasks or to produce goods and services. Technological change, including advances in products, processes, or new physical and conceptual tools, is making human resources an increasingly crucial element in many organizations. It is also helping to create new industries and to transform older ones. For these reasons, technological change and its impact on the management process has been the subject of much attention. The…

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  • Hearing Aid Advantages And Disadvantages

    Just as cell phones today have the capability of sending text messages to one another, so do standard household phones. With this text messaging available, the hearing impaired can communicate just as any other. Technology has made it capable to transmit not just the spoken word, but also the written word through telephone lines. Now that television shows and movies are equipped with the technology to include closed captioning, the hearing-impaired can view them. Listening devices can now be…

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  • All Can Be Lost: The Risk Of Putting Our Knowledge In The Hands Of Machines By Nicholas Carr

    Technology is something that is constantly being used in our lives. The endless usage and continuous change of these tools are of equal importance to our mere existence. Each and every day, it seems as though there are new machines and devices with which we become captivated. In the endless attempts to make human life easier, we tend to opt for these new and evolving devices over the old-fashioned way of doing things – doing them without the use of modern technology. In All Can Be Lost: The Risk…

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  • Toyota's Case Study Of The Toyota Motor Company

    gave the brand a good name. In 1977 the technical center was established in the United States. At the end of 1979 sales reached 10 million units that year. The 1980’s was a decade of continued growth as the other decades were. In 1981 the Toyota technological institute was established. In 1984 Toyota does a joint venture with General motors called the United Motor Manufacturing Inc. In 1986 the Teiho plant opened and in 1987 the company expanded to Europe. In 1988 domestic sales reached 2…

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  • Educational Technology Case Study

    Proposed Model: Students’ Levels of Use of Educational Technology Entry- At this stage, students are not asked to learn much with technology. They are learning how to use their cell phones and laptops at home, with little guidance from more knowledgeable adults, but are not asked to use technologies for learning purposes at school. Adoption- At this stage, students are taken to a lab to do occasional work on a computer, such as writing a paper or creating a PowerPoint presentation. Some…

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  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge

    The Evolution of TPACK Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework for teachers in how they make connections between pedagogy, content knowledge, and technology (Koehler & Mishra, 2005). This paper briefly discusses the evolution of this theory, its strengths, and challenges it presents. Article One: Reviewing the Literature Voogt, J., Fisser, P., Pareja Roblin, N., Tondeur, J., & van Braak, J. (2012). Technological pedagogical content knowledge - a review of the…

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  • Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity

    the future is known as the Singularity, which is contingent upon the belief that technological machines will surpass humans in terms of intelligence and population size. In his text The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil outlines his predictions for the future of humankind, in which he discusses his optimistic view that an amalgamation between humans and machines can not only improve lifestyle but technology and scientific advancements that arise along with the Singularity additionally have…

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