Summary Of Singularity By Paul Alan

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In the article, Paul Alan makes a claim that contradicts the claims made by Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge regarding “singularity” stating, “While we suppose this kind of singularity might one day occur, we don’t think it is near. In fact, we think it will be a very long time coming.”

Alan lays out the article by providing the claims Kurzweil mentions in his article, and provides statements and evidence that contradicts them. He begins his article by providing the main thesis statement and claims made by two futurists, Kursweil and Vinge relating singularity. He then provides a counterclaim and develops his own thesis statement that disagrees with the timing of singularity. He comes up with a theory called “ the complexity brake” and also defines
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His claim insists that “the human brain is shaped with over millions of years of evolution to do one specific task, while a computer is formed using billions of identical transistors in regular memory that are controlled by a CPU”. When comparing the two, he stresses the fact that one is developed naturally, using an environmental influence, while the other uses a more synthetic approach. He believes that it will take a lot more time to understand the complexity of a human brain and a more extensive understanding of human cognition. The information he includes on artificial intelligence supports the idea allot further and provides evidence that we have not reached the surface of singularity, and that we will not have the ability to, for a very long …show more content…
It was difficult for me to understand exactly how some of the parts should be answered, and the amount of detail and complexity it should contain. It was the first time I had experienced memo format. Although I went back and read the instructions on what the format entails, there was one thing that I misunderstood, and that was who to address it to. The easiest part was reading the article and identifying the thesis and claims being made. I tackled the difficult part by reading the instruction multiple times carefully and answered them in the best of my ability. One thing I would urge future students to do ahead of time that I probably should have done, is to email their instructor with any questions they may have to clarify the things they do not understand. Had I done that, I probably would have avoided making multiple errors. There isn’t any particular advice to give the instructor. All the assignments in task 3 were straightforward and

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