Subcultures And Social Trends: The Singularity And Modern Cyborgs

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Subcultures and Social Trends: The Transhumanists – The Singularity and Modern Cyborgs It is estimated that somewhere around the year 2045, a technological singularity will occur- the point at which artificial intelligence outstrips human capacity; only it’s not quite the story as James Cameron portrayed it in his groundbreaking movie *The Terminator*. Rather, it would seem the singularity is closer to The Borg from the Star Trek Next Generation series.
The singularity’s slow march forward comes not in a rise of the machines, but in a world of surgically implanted LED lights to backlight tattoos, sub-dermal RFID chips and DIY wetware; all installed, not by licensed medical professionals,
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Idealistic expression turned into dark realization with the practice of eugenics in Sparta, where children deemed to have flaws or perceived deformities were left to die of exposure.
Modern day Transhumanist subculture can be dated back to the British geneticist J.B.S. Haldane in his 1923 essay, *Daedaleus: Science and the Future* where Haldane suggested the future applications of science and genetics would yield tremendous benefit to humans, and J.D. Bernal in his 1929 essay, *The World, The Flesh, and the Devil*, which speculated on the great benefits of space colonization and bionic implants to the human condition.
Fast forward to the present day world of the Do-It-Yourself Cyborg and the biohacker; where Transhumanism takes a more sci-fi, dystopian aura as people are creating and using hardware to upgrade their bodies, without waiting for the corporate development cycle to complete or the government authorities to regulate.
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One major reason for this is because the sub-dermal implants are not medically approved devices, and as a consequence, surgeons are not permitted to implant these unapproved medical devices into the Transhumanists.
Enter the body modification enthusiasts, who fill the void of the board certified surgeon, complete with their own tools of the trade. Since these body modification grinders are not board certified surgeons, one tool which is missing is never present is anesthetic, but they assure there are some amazing things one can do with some ice and strong convictions.
While very extreme to most humans, this subculture continues to push forward, to build new wetware, to test it and perfect it on themselves and attempts to evolve the human species into a more Borg-like perfect existence.
*”There exists a small group of passionate grinders and biohackers who, despite having limited resources and few evangelists, tinker, test, and collaborate on a daily basis because they see transhumanism as a noble cause and a method to uplift mankind and that they have ambitious ideas for achieving this using affordable and existing technology they believe may change the

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