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  • Personal Narrative-The Engagement (Essay)

    still in bed. “Ahh!” I shriek. On the bar sit daises, colorful and vibrant with a note. “Take me to the place we ate breakfast many times before school. Hint hint cinnamon buns.” I race back up the stairs, barely able to see where I am going, the tears welling up in my eyes. Hands trembling and mind racing, I try to figure out something special to wear. A million questions race through my head: Is today the day he asks me to marry him? Where are we going after breakfast? Should I bring…

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  • The Main Themes In Sweat By Zora Neale Hurston

    title itself, the ways he treat her, and him seeing another women. In Hurston 's short story, "Sweat," the main character is Delia. She suffers from the main three types of abuse emotional, physical, and mental. The title “Sweat” represents the tears Delia was crying because of the abuse her husband Sykes gave her. Back in this time period it was common for a women to be submissive to…

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  • Masculinity In The Shadow Brumby

    sufficient (192); Michael Milton “uses [his horse] like a motorbike” (67); and Sam’s father relinquishes care of his police horse to Sam because he does not understand how to take care of a horse (12). Even in instances where male characters do display acts of care, it is often placed in the context of their employment as a form of justification. For example, in the first book, The Shadow Brumby, Sam’s father saves a toddler, playing on the train track, from coming to further harm because it is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Children In Poverty

    14.7 million children live in poverty. I am one of them. And yet, no one seems to notice me or care. I’m just another piece of garbage in the street, just another thin, starved child that is above the notice of anyone. I wish tears could change my life, as if they could somehow wash out the hurt, and pain, as if they could drown the struggle. I’m so, so tired of living in poverty. I’ve almost given up hope- for it doesn’t give me anything but crushed dreams. But I can’t stop hoping. If I…

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  • Brett Favre's Wedding Speech Analysis

    his speech. These three reasons is what makes this speech inspirational. First, emotion. In this speech Favre breaks out into tears. You can tell he had been thinking over this decision for quite sometime. “It’s over. As hard as it is for me to ay, it’s over.” I couldn’t imagine getting in front of my fans, family, & more and telling them I’m done and breaking out in tears. Of course it was coming over time, but no matter what it’s the biggest decision of his life. Clearly it meant…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mother My Story

    My mother always told me I had a “bad” sense of humor. watching someone fall or slip or dive into pavement always has the ability to put me into tears (tears of joy of course). So if you are anything like my mother my story may not seem funny to you but if you are anything like me I hope you are spreading contagious laughter. It was the middle of football season so the weather was still warm but not warm enough that you could wear shorts comfortably. I was hanging out at my friends house and…

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  • Radical Compassion By Gary Smith S. J.: Chapter Analysis

    Radical compassion is a book that addresses many sensitive issues that a part of the society is struggling with, most of the time this impart part of the population of the world is forgotten, the poor and ill community. Throughout the book, Gary Smith S.J. presents part of his journey working with drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally ill persons. In the following paragraphs, I will highlight some important quote that captured my attention and my perspective to each one. Radical compassion is…

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  • Dystopian Society In Harrison Bergeron And The Lottery

    A Self-Styled Society The short stories “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and “The Lottery” by Roald Dahl, feature dystopian and utopian societies. A dystopian community is characterized as an illusion of an ideal society maintained through extreme control of society. Utopia is delineated as a place conserved by customs. In the dystopian novel, “Harrison Bergeron,” the government makes the citizens equal by attaching restraints to them which decreases their IQ level, strength, and…

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  • Emotions In Miracle's Boys By Jacqueline Woodson

    Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson- Rumination Essay “All the tear were jamming themselves together and pushing their way out”. In the book Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson, a main theme and occurrence is emotion, and showing emotions in both positive and negative ways. Although heavy emotions are often common in YA literature, they aren’t often portrayed in a positive way, which can actually have a negative effect on teens. This happens because people feel as though their emotions aren’t…

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  • Blossoms On A Moonlit River Analysis

    to the first note in bar 1 and the 1st beat in bar 4 (Fig 2a). Although, seeing as the 7th (D) is not raised, it is E natural minor. But the foundation tone of this piece is G, so the piece is therefore in G major. At 0:44 in the Sacred Pool of Tears the yellow bell, or foundation tone, is heard. The piece begins in D minor, and establishes a pentatonic scale containing D, E, G, A, C with an occasional F, which makes it similar to the Ionian mode. When it changes to F minor, which is the third…

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