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  • Personal Narrative-Destructive Messages

    I was crying so much, that my tears were blurring my vision. I knew that this relationship was over, but I refused to let him break up with me, so I quickly said “I break up with you! Do you hear me!? You don’t get to leave me ‘cause you’ve already done enough damage… I BREAK UP WITH YOU”! As much of an asshole he was, I could see the hurt in his eyes; he could tell how much he hurt me, but he had too much pride to admit it. So, he looked away. I could even see tears forming in his eyes, but I…

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  • The Importance Of Hospitals

    has fast acting cancer, and that he has at least three brain tumors. The doctor only gave him less then a year to live. My grandpa knew he was a dead man, he said it himself. Everyone was crying, and if they were not crying they were holding back tears. The one thing that made me bawl my little heart out was that he would not be able to come to my volleyball games because he had treatment and would be to weak to come. Although that was a terrifying night, I will never forget the sorrow that…

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  • The Effect Of The Nuclear War On The Middle East

    fifties, and she was the only one that had maintained her sanity throughout the war. I slowly walked towards my mom, with tears in my eyes. “Mom...I can’t do it anymore. I’m going crazy, I have to do something to get out of here. Do something to get out of this world, go somewhere with no wars. Somewhere where there is peace, somewhere where there is calm,” I stuttered with tears spurting out of my eyes. My mom gently patted me on the back, with a sympathetic look in her eyes. “I’m so sorry…

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  • Labral Fraying Case Summary

    strain. Per the PT note dated 08/12/16, the IW has attended 12 sessions MRI of the right upper extremity obtained in 09/07/16 showed moderate rotator cuff tendinosis with marked acromioclavicular joint degenerative change without full thickness tear or retraction. Minimal superior labral fraying is seen. Based on the progress report dated 09/20/16 by Dr. Lo, the patient had on and off right shoulder pain that is about 8/10. She has done physical…

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  • Eulogy For My Grandpa

    For My Grandpa Baba, as I write this I cannot hold back the tears especially as you passed away in my absence. I was looking forward to finishing my masters and coming home to show you my certificate, as I know you would have being proud of me, but Alas death has deprived me of this. I am truly grateful to God for blessing me with a Grandfather like you, so peaceful, calm, loving and most especially God-fearing. It is amazing how much knowledge and wisdom you had. You taught me to always work…

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  • Achilles Tendon Essay

    on it, an Achilles rupture is a common injury. When the Achilles tendon is torn or ruptured it can either be partial, or a complete tear. In a partial tear, the tendon is torn but still joined to the calf muscle. Whereas with a complete tear, the tendon is torn so that the connection between the calf muscles and the anklebone is lost. Of the two injuries a complete tear is more common.…

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  • Goo Dolls: A Song Analysis

    Everyone has or had troubles trying to find themselves in life. Making a name for yourself and becoming a good soul is one of the hardest things to do. There’s pressure, anxiety, and way too much judgement. My favorite band, The Goo Goo Dolls, put so much feeling and meaning in their songs. They sing Iris, my favorite song, which talks about being true to yourself and not taking life for granted. The lyrics in this song tell how people should try to find themselves and to not take life for…

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  • Sirens: A Narrative Fiction

    ”I begged them not to, but before I could stop them, they sipped their beers filled with potassium cyanide, and then they just...they just…," I broke into tears before I could finish my sentence. An officer walked over to where I was sitting and patted me on the head.…

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  • Residential Treatment Center Essay Examples

    Can you even imagine what that must feel like as a young lady in this world?” When this young lady put it in that type of context to me she does not know what she caused me to think about she called three things to my attention. The first thing was tears filled my eyes, second was a profound awareness that each client should be treated with respect and love. The last thing she did was set off a fire in me to change what she has experienced and what other clients might have experienced in their…

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  • Personal Narrative-Mother, Don T Leave

    Mother, Don’t Leave I can still remember that moment when I stared blankly into a chalkboard, as tears dripped off my face and splashed on top of my notebook. A faint buzzing could just be barely heard as I was lost in my thoughts. But the light tap from my brother knocked me back into reality. One month earlier… It was summer break, school just ended, and everyone was rushing into their well-planned vacations. I stayed home, enjoying the new found relaxation I didn’t have during the…

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