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  • Superior Thyroid Artery Lab Report

    Title Anatomical variation of the superior thyroid artery and its relation to the external laryngeal nerve. Introduction The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland located in the anterior triangle of the neck. It consists of two lobes, right and left, connected by an isthmus in the middle. The thyroid gland is mainly supplied by the superior thyroid artery, the first branch of the external carotid artery, and the inferior thyroid artery, a branch of the thyrocervical trunk of the subclavian artery; and occasionally by the thyroidea ima artery, an infrequent branch of the arch of the aorta. The venous drainage of the thyroid gland is into the internal jugular vein through the superior and the middle thyroid vein; and by the inferior thyroid…

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  • Social Mobility In Schools

    Hierarchies make reference to a system that ranks people or groups into categories based on status or authority within a society. The origins of hierarchy are blurred, they range from the Greek to Renaissance period, but we know that in regards to Western society, hierarchies began as a caste organization which became imperial law. The caste organization makes reference to the nobility and the idea that those who were part of this circle were superior to others due to their religion, money and…

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  • Monolocism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    symbolize different things. Conrad used this term in ways to identify social and intellectual elements in order to help the reader get a feel of his outlook and his own opinions of the world. The two most noticeable interpretations of “darkness” were how it symbolized racism in the world and it also symbolized the enormous impact that an uncivilized world can have on a civilized person. Symbolism of racism was the first thing that stood out while reading this story. This idea came from the…

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  • Obedience In The Military Essay

    Sometimes the thief is a member of the actual company who has a great head position within it, but ended up being greedy, just like the superior officer. This situation can also apply in the military if the superior officer is not punished for abusing his power above other personnel. Approaching the dilemma in a global perspective, countries in Europe describe orders differently as well as how and when following any order should take place. Countries such as England, Belgium, as well as Germany…

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  • Factual Summary: Jimmy's Poor-Man Inc.

    being terminated, Coleman continued to act as an agent for the company and met with John again to apologize and take him out for dinner that was paid for by Software INC. During the dinner, John and Coleman got into an argument that led Coleman to punch John in the eye, causing severe eye damage. Issues Is Software INC liable for the full value of the ring that Coleman stole while he was in Smalltown, Colorado? Will Software INC be liable to Jimmy’s mom and the owners of Jimmy’s bar? Is…

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  • Chinese Mothers Are Superior Analysis

    Amy Chua also mentions her parents calling her garbage, in her article. (Chua “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”) Then after being called such a horrible thing to any western family, she said she realized what she had done wrong and felt terrible. Chua, knew she was not garbage and that her parent did not really think that about her. The child was not scarred emotionally for life. This experience explains that Chinese mothers assume fortitude, not weakness. Western families are more…

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  • Informative Speech On Lake Michigan

    Have you ever been to lake michigan? Well it will feel like it after this experience. I’m going to tell you how much money you need to go there for 3 days, but only one person. You're going to learn about, Natural Resource Environmental impact: consequences short and long term, and Geographical Feature Information, historical and diverse uniqueness of this feature what it is, location. There is a ton of stuff to do there. Like for one you can go on boat rides and other stuff like that. . So come…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Aunt Barb's Suicide

    him I was furious at God for letting this injustice happen. Dave responded by telling me that my weight doesn’t define me and added that though terrible things happen, trusting your family and friends can help you through it. Dave is a missionary in Austria, so it 's rare when I get to have face-to-face talks with him. Either way, Dave left a few weeks after our talk, and much of my depression returned. I darted through the sculpture garden and went on a cement path. Local teenagers were having…

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  • Personal Essay: Growing Up In Michigan

    Manufactured objects, such as dams, and reservoirs, can create a stronger flow or cut of a certain river and direct it in a different direction. Man has become too powerful for his own good. Nature has its way of working to find equilibrium and man keeps disrupting this balance. They may have avoided some disasters but ultimately have caused more. Between glaciers, lakes, rivers, and man, we have a recipe for how Michigan has become the wonderful shape and state it is today. Glaciers When you…

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  • Thunder Bay Case Study

    stood at the threshold of a surge in population, industry, and wealth.14 The family’s oral history speculates that Charley followed the St. Croix River south from Duluth to Chisago County.15 This is highly unlikely, since it required an approximately forty mile detour into Wisconsin to reach the source of the river. Charley likely used the railroad, either as a passenger or as a physical guide to direct him to his destination. He conceivably paused in Duluth to earn his rail fare to Rush…

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