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  • Racism And The Superiority Complex In John Donne's No Man Is An Island

    2942271 English 1301-81043 Professor King October 25, 2016 Racism and the Superiority Complex As said by John Donne in his poem No Man is an Island, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” Racism is an “island” that isolates one from their fellow human beings. What is racism? Why does the concept of racism exist? What role does the need for superiority play in the way we as humans interact with others around us? How does one’s superiority complex cause them to see themselves as better than others? This is an exploration about how racism factors into the human need for superiority. According to the Anti-Defamation League, “racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another,…

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  • Stereotypes In John Hughes's The Breakfast Club

    possibility exists. It is possible for a nerd to be seen as what people call an “elitist.” Someone who see’s themselves higher than others because of a status they may hold, in this case, better grades. Not every nerd is a scrawny social pariah, you can never predict who is and who isn’t without truly knowing a person. Now, an elitist might brag about their grades and standings with schools to invoke rage out of someone who they believe is inferior to them, one man on Yahoo Answers said “I guess…

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  • Why Are Women So Inferior

    unintelligent, unhelpful burdens, and materialistic objects “owned” by their husbands, when they shouldn’t have been labeled inferior, being that all human beings are equal. First, women were viewed as inferior because they were thought to be unintelligent, or at least not as knowledgeable as any man. In the play “Trifles”, Mrs. Glaspell demonstrates this in various locations. In the beginning of the play, Mr. Hale states “Well, women are used to worrying over trifles” (Glaspell, 446). A trifle…

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  • Ignorance In Avatar

    Ignorance causes a lack of understanding between parties in Avatar, which escalates quickly into potentially unwarranted violence. As a result of the humans superiority complex, they become ignorant to what the Navi value, and are, as a result, unjust in the way they treat them. Neytiri comments to Jake that the ‘sky people cannot learn because they cannot see’. ‘See’ing becomes a metaphor in the film for seeing another as what they are, and understanding that. The Navi value seeing one another…

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  • Animal Exceptionalism In King Lear Essay

    Lear’s transition to reason, and thus his path to possible redemption, begins with his exposure to the storm and the unaccommodated animal in the form of Edgar, both of which provoke his conclusion that animals are superior to men. While subjected to the elements, Lear notes the insufficiency of man. Seeing the naked Edgar, he contemplates whether man is no more than the frail being before him with his assertion that Edgar is “the thing itself” and that “unaccomodated man is no more but such a…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie 'Blood Brothers In The Film Gattaca'

    to believe that the genetically enhanced have a greater superiority over the Invalid. At the end of the end of the film, Vincent proves he is capable of superiority and love for his brother, once again challenging Anton to one last game of chicken. There is a connection to the beginning of the film with the repetition of the crucial swimming scenes which help the viewer to understand the brother’s relationship. Chicken is last seen later in the movie, when the two brothers are old; Vincent, with…

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  • Comparison Of Cupid And Psyche's Dark Night

    Love is a motivation for people to fight, defend, and mature for. Lucius Apuleius' myth, Cupid and Psyche, tells the story of the strength and determination of the mortal needed to regain a lost love. Francesca Lia Block's modern retelling, Psyche's Dark Night, emphasizes the many issues that affect relationships and explores the pain that accompanies dating. The retelling offers a new look into love and whether or not it is worth all the pain that accompanies it. The updated setting and…

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  • Ethnocentrism In Society

    inaccurate. You have to account for the land the cultures are living on, and the resources and amount of resources that are easily accessible. The Ju/wasi are making a living out of the resources available to them and so are western civilizations. To say that we are superior to this group, we would be considered ignorant because we are comparing two societies living with different resources. Because the Ju/wasi do not have the resources that we do we look at them as inferior. When in fact…

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  • Essay On Narcissism

    becoming increasingly narcissistic. (Foster, Campbell, & Twenge, 2003; Twenge & Foster, 2010). Narcissism is a condition when person focuses solely on the quest for personal superiority (Bushman & Baumeister, 2002). Otto Kernberg (as cited in Lowen, 2012, p.6) identifies narcissists as individuals with various combinations of intense ambitiousness, grandiose fantasies and overdependence on external admiration. Few personality traits that are coupled with narcissism includes strong self-focus,…

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  • The Male Superiority Complex, Toxic Masculinity, And Gender Roles

    There are numerous injustices for the genders including: the male superiority complex, toxic masculinity, and gender roles. However these injustices do not only affect women. Men also struggle to fill out the mold that our toxic society has placed on them. Although the cisgendered male struggle is very different than the struggles of other genders, that does not invalidate their struggle. Feminism is truly here to help all genders, and men-- against popular belief-- are not excluded from this. …

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