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  • Difference Between Principal And Superintendent

    Principal vs. Superintendent Principals and Superintendents are both administrative professionals within a school district setting. Both administrators are leaders and work closely together to assure the district mission and vision is being met. Superintendents and principals work together to write, review, and enforce policies and procedures throughout the district. Although both administrators work closely together, their roles within the district differ tremendously. The superintendent oversees the entire district, whereas a principal oversees an assigned school building. First off, the roles of a superintendent differ from a principal based on the decisions each leader must make. The superintendent makes decisions regarding programs and…

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  • Importance Of Written Communication Policy

    Why a Written Communication Policy? Communication is essential for any organization to be successful, especially in education (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). The flow of communication between the school superintendent, local school board, teachers, students, parents and community, must be transparent with written policies in place that are accessible (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). A school communications policy should be carefully written with…

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  • The Selection Process Analysis

    are trying to get the same job done it can become confusing, overwhelming and ultimately hinder the process or halt it completely. 3. As the human resources director, what actions, if any, might Steven Alexander take in this situation? Steven should begin to redesign job descriptions to be more precise. Working collaboratively with his peers, they can begin to rewrite duties and responsibilities of each member of the team. Also I would encourage Steven to update the job description as the…

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  • Cmr Training Report

    MEMORANDUM THRU Chief, RTSD EAST MEMORANDUM TO Director, Training Support Activity Europe SUBJECT: Trip Report, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Training Management Review (TMR). 1. Purpose of this Trip: Attendance at the 12th CAB TMR 2. Executive Summary: 12th CAB held their TMR on 27 October 2016, from 1500 to 1745 hours at building Berlin conference room clay Kaserne. The BDE Commander, COL Waters and his BN Commanders and staff briefed the USAREUR Deputy Commander, MG McGuire and USAREUR…

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  • Case Study The School Superintendent Spigot

    in order to get aid. Within the budget restriction, they may not able to perform the projects that could improve the school performance. Therefore, the Superintendent intentionally committed fraud by executing the unbudgeted project without approval. Also, Superintendent understood the surplus fund will return to City and he believed it is better to spend all the fund. Therefore, he got the incentive to insist on overestimating federal aid to prevent surplus fund. Also, the School…

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  • Case Study: Applying The ISLLC Standards

    ELAD542 M2 DISC Applying the ISLLC Standards and the 11 Top Ten Most Wanted Strategies for school culture by Sorenson & Goldsmith, to transform the Earl Roloff Elementary School, in Combes Public School System, into a model school using a $150,000 grant will be a worthwhile challenge! When the new superintendent demonstrated a collaborative leadership style by forming a Principal interview team that included both veteran and new teachers to choose the new principal, it well-received; therefore,…

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  • The Role Of School Boards And Superintendents In Public Schools

    “School boards and Superintendents each have distinct roles, but they must be innovative and use common sense in all areas; however they must remember that it is all for the students.” This quote confirms that in order for students to compete they must be supported by a school district that is led by a Superintendent and School board that has the vision and know how to give students what they need to succeed. This is shown in a High School that Works report entitled Improving Schools Requires…

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  • Case Study Of Ethical Dilemmas In The Police Department

    Ethically it is the right thing for Superintendent to find a compromise for himself and Joe. This will be at little cost of one-hour fee. Having a positive outcome will be positive for the corporate image. Select I feel the best possible solution is to set up an appointment with Superintendent Smalley and Joe to discuss a possible compromise. Implement The very first thing to do is to contact Joe and Superintendent Smalley, get their approval, and set up an appointment. In this appointment…

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  • Quality Education In The United States

    In order for the United States to remain the most dominant nation in the world, it must educate its citizens. Education sets the foundation for success, and should be readily available for all citizens. The pressing issues that hinder students from receiving a quality education must be addressed. Education has to be a priority for all stakeholders – superintendents, lawmakers, educators, community leaders, businesses, parents and students, and there has to be a sense of common purpose in…

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  • Professional Growth Plan

    plan. Intern will compare and contrast urban, suburban and rural superintendent responsibilities. Articulation of the Superintendent’s goals in her professional growth plan: The goals in Dr. Furnari’s professional growth plan were developed with three important components in mind. First, her goals reflect what is required by the state as far as exepctations for school leaders. Second, her goals relate to her district…

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