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  • Think Like A Freak Analysis

    The Webster dictionary defines a freak as such “one that is markedly unusual or abnormal”. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have a slightly different perspective on the term freak. “To think a bit differently, a bit harder, a bit more freely” (Think Like a Freak, 211). Throughout their novel, they encourage you, as the reader, to think diversely in your everyday life. Each chapter guides you through a new insightful way to think about situations. From admitting that you just don’t know,…

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  • Bridge Of Spy Movie Analysis

    You would not even sure he was a Soviet spy until later on. However, all movies have limited time. In 142 minutes, of course, the movie could not tell us everything in detail. But we can see that each one of the events had been chosen carefully as Steven Spielberg wanted us to focus on Donovan’s negotiation. Argo by Ben Affleck is the similar movie of this historical, thrilling, and drama film. The two were base on real events in which the main characters tried to help the American that were…

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  • The Monolith In Stanley Kubrick's Film, 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Stanley Kubrick’s acclaimed film, 2001: A Space Odyssey opens with a black screen and a haunting overture that spans the length of nearly three minutes. Eventually, the overture fades out, and the audience can see it’s first glimpse of color; a dark blue background surrounding the film studio’s logo before the film’s first act officially begins. The momentary silence created by the ended overture does not last for long. The beginning of the film’s first act is marked by an operatic title…

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  • Steven Spielberg's Life And Movies

    Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1947, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the eldest of four children. Steven’s father, Arnold, was an electrical engineer who designed computers, and his mother, Leah, was an accomplished pianist. Spielberg’s father moved the family frequently as he pursued jobs around the country, but they finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. School proved to be difficult for Spielberg. He had trouble making friends because he moved so often, and at school he was constantly…

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  • Soderbergh's Indie Films

    advances in her career bit also undercuts it by her desires for Foley. I personally loved her role because of subversions in a male dominated field . She was almost always around men. “Questions the effect of violence to address class inequality” (53, Steven Soderbergh Aaron…

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  • Anthhrax Synthesis Essay

    The FBI’s investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks revealed several failures of sensemaking, both at the level of specific FBI investigatory procedures, and at the broader level of organizational sensemaking and identity threats. The sensemaking model is helpful for understanding the FBI’s actions because the former failures in sensemaking likely caused broader identity threats that could have, and should have triggered sensemaking at the organizational level. The FBI, in its investigation of…

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  • Fate Vs Free Will Essay

    A boomerang produces the same results no matter how, where, or why it was thrown. It always comes back to the original location, even when consciously trying to alter its course. The end result is always predictable, like destiny. Destiny is like any greater force humans cannot see, hear, or touch. It leaves the world divided. Some people believe that outcomes are solely the product of choices. Others believe in a greater force that influences the decisions a person makes. However, a combination…

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  • Economics In Steven Levitt's Freakonomics

    In their book, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner apply economics to questions and problems that we generally would not view from an economic standpoint. They show how economics isn’t strictly for goods and services, but can be applied to many—if not all—aspects of our lives. They look at seemingly unrelated subjects and link them together economically, such as how schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers are alike, or how the Ku…

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  • Some Like It Hot Analysis

    "Well, nobody's perfect" the famous last line from the movie Some Like It Hot by director Billy Wilder, almost did not make it into the film. The line was only a temporary fill-in, until Wilder could come up with a better line. Fortunately, the line made it into the film, and became the most famous and iconic line of the entire film. The story is about two men, trying to escape from a criminal gang by dressing up as woman, and fleeing to Florida with an all-woman jazz band. The film thus stands…

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  • Galbraith's Freakonomics

    In chapter 3 of Freakonomics, “Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?,” Levitt and Dubner discuss the idea of conventional wisdom. Galbraith, an economist, believes that “conventional wisdom must be simple, convenient, comfortable, and comforting--though not necessarily true” (Levitt & Dubner, 2009, p. 86). For example, an advocate for the homeless was quoted saying that over 3 million Americans were homeless, which would be 1 of every 100 people. This advocate later admitted that this…

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