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  • Seven Gold Expeditions

    Seven Cities of Gold Expedition A land of riches and gold sounds like a land any person would want to live in. In the southwestern part of the United States and northern Mexico, there were lands filled to the brim with gold and other riches. In 1539, one of the first expeditions to find these cities was led by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who took on the long, difficult journey which was also known as Seven Cities of Gold Expedition. While exploring the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico, they came across many hardships and encountered many different groups of native tribe along with newly discovered lands that no European has ever came across before. While making these discoveries, the Spanish explorers of the Seven Cities…

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  • Southwest Airlines Business Model

    Southwest Airlines Co. (SWA), the model for spending upstarts all over the place, has turned into the biggest local carrier in the United States, by number of travelers conveyed. More than 70 million travelers fly SWA every year to around 60 goals around the nation. Travelers have found that Southwest 's absolute bottom valuing makes right around another type of transportation, more in rivalry with the vehicle than different aircrafts. They will spurn in-flight dinners, things exchanges, and…

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  • Sasa Brava Research Paper

    bite. For my chosen dish, I ordered the quesadilla stuffed with smoked chicken and jack and cheddar cheese with pinto beans, Mexican rice, and guacamole for the sides. Initially, the chicken tastes different, but it is a taste bud pleasing kind of different. Although the guacamole is watery, the pinto beans are appetizing. As the feast progresses, the food quickly loses its appeal and the proportions are not enjoyable, considering the pinto beans and Mexican rice is ¾ of the $10.50 entree. This…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Tequila Grill

    The Tequila Grill Tequila Grill located in downtown Kalona, Iowa is the best mexican restaurant I have eaten at. The restaurant can be found with ease, even if you are not familiar with the area. I would recommend people come all the way from Iowa City to try this restaurant. Positioned on the corner of Main Street the restaurant has a sign sitting in the corner of the yard that can be seen from the road. It is one block away from Highway One that runs through the town of Kalona. Once…

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  • Chipotle Bowl Thesis

    student research. After my own work at Argonne National Laboratory, “X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Mississipian-Aged Pottery,” was published in 2016, a school with numerous research opportunities became a significant priority. The Economic Research Experience for Undergraduates is one such resource that would satisfy my wish to gain valuable research and analytical skills for my future. Why add guacamole, however, when it requires an extra dip into the wallet? Guacamole pairs well with…

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  • Hispanic Architecture In America

    The market locations in America influenced the migration of emigrants to America. Most Americans believe that emigration began around 1620 when migrants went to Plymouth rock, but Spanish towns were already flourishing in Florida, the Southwest. Spanish migration only increased from here, and spread across America; mostly to California, the Southwest, and Florida. These areas are not only important to the spread of Hispanic influence, but vital. These are areas of high concentration when it…

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  • Tularosa Summary

    body is a ring of smugglers and their operation to carry pieces of United States history out of the country to sell in the black market. Throughout his first novel, McGarrity, while telling…

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  • Arizona State Museum Analysis

    Arizona State Museum. Today, for the first trip, I have chosen to visit Arizona State Museum, since it is convenient for me to walk for few minutes to invigorate my brain. It is a big building with post modern architecture design, having plenty of showings about the civilization and lifestyle of Arizona region. Before entering the museum, I expected learning about the many cultures and types of ethnic groups that lived and represented the Sonoran region throughout the centuries.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Religion And Rituals

    Religious beliefs and the rituals created to express them have played a major role in shaping artistic expression since the beginning of time. The west is no different and we find artwork throughout generations is rich with religious meaning. From the devotional art of New Spain to the Native rituals of the Southwest, the exhibit “Art of the West” at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum displays a significant narration of western culture in one of its main themes “Religion and Ritual”. This…

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  • Frederick Jackson Turner Analysis

    didn’t see that it was largely groups that settled the Southwest, not individuals. The perspectives of individuals appear to far outweigh groups in his theory. For example, most migrant wagon trains that came to the Southwest were composed of extended kinship networks. Mormons are just one example of these groups. He ignored corporations, namely mining and railroads entities which played a profound role in the Southwest. He ignored the fact that the development of the Southwest relied on large…

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