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  • The Problem Of Air Pollution In China

    causes a bigger problem on some countries than others. China is one of the countries that is strongly affected by air pollution. Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are examples of areas in China affected air pollution. These towns have high amounts of smog and as a result the population is put at risk. These areas are at risk because the amount of concentration exceeds WHO guidelines. Exceeding these guidelines results in posing risks to the cardiovascular system and the cerebrovascular system. If…

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  • Brisbane City Council Clean Air Pollution

    Introduction Air quality refers to the condition of the air that surrounds us and good quality clean air is essential to the health and well being of humans as well as animal and plant life on this planet. Air pollution, caused either by humans or the natural environment, lowers air quality and in have severe health problems and in high enough concentration can cause death. For example, the World Health Organisation estimated in 2012, 7 million people world wide died prematurely due to the…

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  • Particulate Matter In College

    continuation of the trend of increasing cases of asthma and other effects of particulate matter in the air. The only positive outcome would be money saved by the college. The second alternative is to build a smog-free tower like the one presented in "World 's largest air purifier takes on China 's smog". The problem with this is that it is a pinpoint solution, which will raise the cost of the project greatly if applies to the whole campus. The third solution is the use of copper wires buried…

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  • Does Pollution Affect Health

    Currently in America, U.S industries emit about 1.7 billion tons of toxic chemicals into the air. Additionally, American citizens, businesses, and institutions produce about 230 million tons of solid waste. Also, according to the U.S government, pollution has impaired 39 percent of the country’s rivers and streams; 45 percent of lakes, reservoirs, and ponds; 51 percent of estuaries; 78 percent of the great lakes shoreline; and 14 percent of ocean shorelines. What do these statistics mean when…

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  • Deforestation In The Amazon Essay

    Deforestation in the Amazon: Impact On Humans Trees are often looked upon as everyday objects that will be around forever. However, at the rate they are being cut down, that may not be the case. The process of clearing trees and transforming a forest into cleared land is called deforestation (Deforestation, n.d). This process is occurring all over the planet, specifically the Amazon Forest, leaving an immeasurably large impact not only on the Earth but human life as well. Trees make up the…

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  • Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution

    Introduction It is known that air pollution had adverse effects on the health of those exposed to it. There is a diverse mix of air pollutants and the most common pollutants in outdoor air include carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ground level ozone and particulate matter (PM) (1). Outdoor air pollution is a mixture of gases and particulate matter (PM) of varying sizes and it is often difficult to isolate the source of the PM from all the possible sources of…

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  • Arctic Environmental Changes

    "We need to save the Arctic not because of the polar bears, and not because it is the most beautiful place in the world, but because our very survival depends upon it" (Lewis Gordon Pugh). Anthropogenic contamination and change of the Arctic has been an issue for human civilization for many years, however many people do not believe that humans are the cause of such a difference in this once pristine environment. The activity of humans is primarily responsible for global warming, however, this…

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  • Pollution In Children's Lungs: A Case Study

    Affects of pollution in children’s lungs “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to” Terri Swearing. Earth is the only planet where life exists, therefore, we should take care of what we have. We are destroying the earth, the amount of pollution we create daily is enough to damage our health. Pollution has serious effects on our health and even low levels of pollution is affecting our children’s lungs today. Are we going to do something to change the air quality, or will…

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  • India And China Dbq Analysis

    How do two countries have pollution so severe that the population is merely sustainable for living in the conditions? Sixteen of the cities located in China are the targets for immense amounts of pollution, and while there were tasks attained to clear it up, there were no long-term effects. India has found it difficult to clean up their air pollution because they are afraid that it will slow down their economic growth. Environmental issues in the countries of India and China have made a…

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  • Dehumidifier Research Paper

    Dehumidification in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky –Tristate Area If your indoor air feels heavy and smells a bit musty, it could mean that your home is experiencing high levels of humidity. Although humidity is important, having too much can destroy the pleasant environment because it encourages allergens, like mold and mildew, to grow. Thankfully, you can reduce the amount of humidity in the air with a dedicated dehumidifier. This system is designed to pull excess moisture in the air…

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