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  • Motor Vehicle Construction Case Study

    CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Theoretical principles 2.1.1 Motor vehicle repair and servicing works In the motor vehicle repair works, a number of processes are undertaken depending on the part under repair or service. This includes but not limited to, bodyworks, engine parts, transmission parts and auxiliary parts like batteries. Operations on this parts during either repair or servicing is prone to expose the worker to some dust mostly inform of fumes. Hazardous materials and wastes in…

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  • Effects Of Noise Pollution Essay

    How does it affect our lives and health? Despite the fact that noise pollution may not always be given much importance, this form of pollution is as life threatening as many other pollutions around the globe. Below is a list of the most common side- effects which occur, when this pollution takes place. Hearing loss: When one is exposed to noise pollution, which comes from various man-made noises such as: Jackhammers, (car) horns, loud machinery (vehicles, e.t.c.), airplanes, this may interfere…

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  • Effects Of Air Pollution Essay

    Do you know what are air pollution and its effects on human life and even the environment? Air pollution is one of the virtual problems nowadays and it can damage human life and the environment. Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, biological materials or other harmful materials into the Earth atmosphere, possibly causing disease, damage to other living organisms such as the built environment and death to human. In addition, most people assume that air pollution is a common problem…

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  • Emission Of Lung

    With unprecedented increasing the density of automobile vehicles all over the globe, automobile exhaust related air pollution have become a major health hazard. Inhalation of fuel vapor along with dust may lead to significant impairment of lung and other body functions. Traffic police personnel, due to their continuous and prolonged exposure are likely to be the worst affected group in this regard. Duration of exposure, aging, concurrent smoking may influence the pulmonary function in these…

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  • Asthma Triggers

    In modern Western society, avoiding contact with the numerous pollutants and substances that can trigger an asthma attack is virtually impossible. In the home, the workplace, even in the air we breathe, we're surrounded by an endless list of potential asthma triggers. A vast range of stimuli can trigger asthma attacks. Chief culprits include dust mites, air conditioning (which cycles offending substances into the air we breathe) and something as simple as cat dander! Individual asthmatics,…

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  • How To Manage Air Pollution In China

    Air pollution is a major issue in China. I’m sure you’ve heard of China’s problem with air pollution. There has been a lot of discussion about possible solutions to this problem. Hearing about these things in the news has prompted me to ask and do research on the following question: How have people tried to manage the air pollution coming from China, and what effect have these efforts had? In this essay we will discuss where the air pollution in China is coming from, and what people have done to…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In New York City

    Although many improvements have been made to the city, New York’s air pollution is still a key environmental issue. New York has 5 major air pollutants which are fine particulate matter (small airborne chemicals), nitrogen oxides (gases produced by fuel), elemental carbon (fossil fuels and diesel gases), sulphur dioxide (power plants and industrial gases) and ozone (vehicle and natural gases). All these gases affect people by causing lung and heart damage and also high levels of Asthma. This…

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  • Environmental Pollution In The United States

    INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION STUDIES Pollution is the process of making the environment dirty, unsafe, or unsuitable to use. Worldwide pollution affects more than 200 million people. The two countries responsible for creating almost half of the planet’s carbon dioxide emissions is China and the United States (“Gallucci and Horn”). However, Americans are 5% of the world’s population and use 25% of the world’s resources. American’s burn up nearly 25% of coal, 26% of oil, and 27% of…

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  • Descriptive Essay For Asthma

    Ding dong. I rushed towards the door as soon as I heard the whistling sound of the doorbell. My neighbor and my best friend stood tall at the door with a soccer ball resting on his hips against his palms, inviting me to play soccer as he did every day. Once the fiercely hot burning sun started to set and the sky turned from bright yellow to a delightful mixture of orange and pink, I tied down my soccer shoes and rushed towards the ground with him, inviting our other friends on our way. We got…

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  • The Decrease Of Urban Air Pollution In Israel

    According to the main website of Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection: Urban Air Pollution No Worse in Israel than in Europe, Ministry Says that the high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles. The high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles, but the air quality isn’t any worse than in large cities in Europe and Canada, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Ministry. Air pollution in Israel has…

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