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  • The Decrease Of Urban Air Pollution In Israel

    According to the main website of Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection: Urban Air Pollution No Worse in Israel than in Europe, Ministry Says that the high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles. The high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles, but the air quality isn’t any worse than in large cities in Europe and Canada, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Ministry. Air pollution in Israel has…

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  • Compare And Contrast Weather And Weather

    What is weather? Weather is the state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy. The weather can bad and pretty ugly in some situations. Theres many types of weather rain, snow, storms, hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, and etc. Lately that weather has been going down and were expecting more windy and rainy days. Weather is air pressure (temperature and moisture) differences between one place and another. These pressure and temperature…

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  • What Is Wind And How It Works

     What is wind and how it works :- Wind is moving air and is caused by differences in air pressure within our atmosphere, Air under high pressure moves toward areas of low pressure , The greater the difference in pressure, the faster the air flows. Air may not seem like anything at all, in fact, we look right through it all the time, but during a windstorm, air really makes its presence known, Wind is able to lift roofs off buildings, blow down power lines and trees, and cause highway accidents…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

    The modernization of our world has greatly improved the lives of millions of human beings. This innovation wasn’t for free, it came at an enormous cost. One of the prices we have to pay for is our air quality. The air plays a vital role in the lives of every organism, for humans the air carries the oxygen that we need to survive. But human beings have rapidly deteriorated the quality of the air ever since the industrial revolution. It has reached a point that the air we breathe can cause us harm…

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  • Pollution Control And The Environmental Effects Of Acid Rain

    Acid rain is found all over the world as a result of the release of chemicals from burned fossil fuels, which has sources from nature and human-made. These chemicals are blamed for the causing environmental deterioration and detrimental effects to human health. The Environmental Protection Agency has enacted laws and regulations to prevent and reduce the effects of acid rain including the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the Acid Rain Program. Other technologies and initiatives have been created to…

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  • Indoor Air Pollution Essay

    Many scientific evidence has stated that in some areas, indoor air pollution is much worse than outdoor air pollution, Due to the amount of time people nowadays spend indoors, people’s health risks increase due to the air pollution indoors. These are a few of the less known indoor air pollutants (“7 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution”): 1.New carpet. Carpet materials can emit a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 2. Broken compact fluorescent lights. If they break, CFLs can emit mercury,…

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  • Emission Of Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2, And PM0

    Emission of Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.1) comprises a considerable fraction of urban air pollution (Laden et al. 2006, Shackleton et al, 2013). Long term exposure of airborne particulates matter is directly associated with post neonatal infant mortality (Laden et al. 2006), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (Tracey et al. 2006) and various disease conditions such as; cardiopulmonary, lung cancer (Pope III, 2002), atherosclerosis (Araujo, 2011) and asthma (Anderson et al., 2013).…

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  • Personal Narrative-Let's Start From The Beginning, Shall We?

    That was a shitty day. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? First of all, it was 10 a.m, and we were in London, the England’s rainy capital, where obviously was raining copiously, filling my shoes and pants. No, everything was filled with water, even my face, even if I had my hoodie lowered on. Actually… in that moment I wasn’t wearing it, but while I sneaked closer to Faquarl’s kitchens, I can assure you that the hoodie was perfectly covering my face. In that moment, the hoodie was…

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  • Overview Of The Great Smog Of 1952

    HISTORY: When a thick fog engulfed London from December 5 to December 9, 1952, it mixed with black smoke emitted from homes and factories to create deadly smog. This smog killed approximately 12,000 people and shocked the world into starting the environmental movement. Overview of the Great Smog of 1952: When a severe cold spell hit London in early December 1952, Londoners did what they usually did in such a situation; they burned more coal to heat up their homes. Then on December 5, 1952, a…

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  • Analysis Of Killer Smog By Lauren Tarshis

    went to sleep and never woke up, and if they did, it was to the sound of people coughing and hacking in the middle of the night. In the story, “Killer Smog” by Lauren Tarshis, killer smog has devastated thousands of people living in London at the time. The smog was so dense and thick the people couldn’t even drive to work or go to school. In the…

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